I was marrried for ten years and now I am just looking for some one that I can have as a companion or a friend so I can get use to being around some one and haveing a good time being around each other I wish now that I never got married but I thought that she loved me boy was I wrong I just hope that there is a good women out there that will treat me good that I can love with all of my heart
Lonleyguy35 Lonleyguy35
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hello loneley guy, thank you for becoming a fan of mine,
I am sorry your marrage was not good, but do not give up hope, I know when the time is right, that special someone will come along and knock you off your feet.
I know what it is to have an unhappy marrage, mine lasted 21 yrs, 2nd one was 12 yrs, Both have since passed away,
I was never going to get serious about anyone again, but then I met this lil leprecon on line, and he stole my heart, so I stole his, sure glad we did, He is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.
Hang in there my friend.
Blessed Be

Thank you so much I am just waiting on my divorce so I can be free