This Is True

When I am task oriented I can get so caught up in the task that I forget to be social.  I become focused and serious and forget to laugh and have fun and to rip the pages. 

If you do know me and decide you like me, I also have a tendency to fall off the face of the Earth. It's hard I guess to feel as though you can maintain a friendship with me when I am not there and not in contact. 

I am not a bad person.  In fact I know I am considered a good person and possibly a valuable friend when I am around.  You can also be assured that if I am your friend, I value your friendship highly and would defend and help you if needed.  

But these less than fabulous aspects of my personality can make me difficult to get to know. 

I apologise to all the my friends both present and past.  I am looking at this and trying to see what I can do differently.   The trouble is that I am also more introverted than people realise and other aspects of my life make things more difficult than they could be.  So please bare with me if you can.      

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1 Response Jan 24, 2009

You are sooo true. Same is with me. I usually get so engrossed in my assigned task that i forget my social responsibilities like my home, children, parents and friend. People think of me as inconsiderate and thoughtless without knowing the reality that i am not what they think of me