Difficult To Know

Because it is rare that I will ever talk about myself. I prefer to know all about you. Anyway I lead quite a boring life, not too much to know really.

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I think that a lot of people feel they lead boring lives. I know I'm one of those people and I too feel that because I don't go outside my shell, it takes a long time for anyone to really figure me out. Part of it's unintentional but there is a part of me that prefers my privacy about a lot of matters to a lot of people. I'm just not a big talker and don't share that much about myself with other people. Only the very select few in my life know a fair bit about me, but even then, there is always that little bit I tend to hold back. It's not so much that my friends on here know MORE about me, but perhaps just different things that those around me in person would be privy to. <br />
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I don't think there is nothing worth knowing about you M, it's just that you don't think there is. But it's ok to keep private whatever you feel needs to be private and share what you're comfortable with. :)

You'd be surprised what others find interesting... I really like you so far... I wanna hear nore about Australia :-)

bet my life is more boring that yours