Now It Can Be Told!

Were you to gather all my former bosses, girlfriends, (ex-wife), and various & sundry other associates together in one room - as diverse a group as this would be - you could almost certainly succeed in getting them to agree on one thing - I am difficult.  Narcissistic, ego-driven, competitive, opinionated, always right - especially when I'm wrong, shiftless, slacker, self-indulgent, hedonist, sybarite, insensitive to others but quick to take offense, intoxicant abuser, looney-toon - bipolar, snob, elitist, judgmental, bully, intellectual thug, name dropper, approval junkie, and cad.  Still in all, one does one's bet.
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A sybarite, Brut, is a pleasure seeker, one who lives for pleasure alone.<br />
<br />
As for you, misasja, thank you for reading my posts, and especially for going to the trouble of commenting. One learns so much from the pithy, thoughtful analysis one encounters on EP.

Ha ha... not!<br />
... you're just a waste of time...

Lol, my selves are many, but it's the selves yet to come I'm most interested in.

I had a friend who used to say, "Every morning when Alistair gets up, he counts his selves."

For me, all you would have to do is grab a me from each year of my life and have them critique each other. I doubt I would be getting along with myself, and many of me would claim the same of other years. I’m sure I wouldn’t get along with whom-ever I’ll be in five years. Hopefully by then I’ll taking some serious action, and scorning the current me for being where I was now.

Being difficult isn't so bad if you're also interesting.<br />
<br />
Being difficult and dull - well - that dog just won't hunt!

I think I may be very difficult as well haha I have come to the conclusion of this due to never being content haha :-) but I think it might be a good thing being difficult :-

What is a sybarite...

You forgot nice.<br />
I can see some of these things in you though...barely.