I Am Disabled With Fibromyalgia, Along With Other Things.

About 9 years ago i was told you have fibromyalgia.  I went home and started researching everything I could about it.  But to know avail was there any thing that seemed to help.  I have been on so many different drugs just to survive day to day issues.  From tylenol #3 to percs to methodone.  Nothing is helping or has helped.  They even tried gabapentin which only made me feel like crap.  I couldnt even get out of bed with it.  Migraines came with that med.  If theres anyone else that has the same problem I have maybe you can give me some insight on what to ask my dr for.  I hurt so bad most days i dont want to get out of bed.  If its cold or extremely hot it feels like im dying.  I dont sleep much cause of the pain in my lower half of my body.  Even got a heater for my bed.  nothing is helping.  I just want a full nights sleep without pain. I want to be able to go fishing again.  Or even walk through a department store without hurting.   ANY ADVISE WHATSOEVER WILL HELP. 

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That is wonderful for your wife. I'm truely glad that it has helped her. Me on the other hand I have already requested lirica but am not able to take it. Because of other meds im on. As far as a Chiropractor my discs in my back are slipping and deteriating(?Spelling) So that is out of the question for me. I do appreciate all the help i can get. I do go to Aqua therapy and it seems to help. I can at least walk up straight. But, again thanks.

OK my wife has this and here is what we did to help her and now she is able to do most thing. See the hurting causes lack of sleep and lack of sleep causes fibro to get worse. They put her on lirica which help drastically then we got her to see a Chiropractor and now she is somewhat functioning normally. If you live in North Dallas email me and I'll give you the Chiropractors name and address.

Thank you. I just want to be able to go to sleep when i want to not when my body is so exhausted i finally go to sleep. It makes for a very long day when i get up.

the only problem is that i can not have an MRI as I have a metal plate in my arm and they said i cannot have one. But I am scheduled to see my dr next week. Im gonna ask him for a second opinion. They have already checked me for lupus and lou gerhigs. I guess we will see.