It's so improtant for us to be free, free from the fear and the ignorance. But it needs to start with us and no no one else. I'm a minority and I'm happy with who I am completely. Minoriity, minoritiy- it's a word that hurts people because it's a label. Do labels always have to be a bad thing, a wrong word? Yes, they can be annoying  but our disabilities are a huge part of who we are- weater we like it or not so I think we should just embrace them. We are strong, we are smart so why, why  are we so ashamed? It's not them, it's us. We are the ones with the disabilites who sit queitly. We'er the ones who wanna talk but don't know what to say- at least that's what it seems like. I hate it when people with disabilities sit around, feeling sorry fir themselves- it makes all of us look lazy & depressed.... :( Reach out to someone, I'm here! I think some people forgot that this is and that we should live it regardless. We all deserve to live our lives to the fullest, we all have a purpose. You're doing this to youself..... There are so many positives to having a disability, we all just need a little reminder sometimes to let us know that they're always there. :)
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acceptance can be there but the big thing is to find someone to be emotionally connected/attached.

Bullies seize on any difference as an excuse for their inexcusable hatred; but it is our differences that keep our lives from being bland.

Fear always comes from ignorance.<br />
Intolerance comes from fear.<br />
People who hates differences, may be are afraid from them, or jealous from us ?<br />
People likes ' Labels ', this word is just like a jump with closed eyes.<br />
You're right, assume Your choice, don't let the door open to criticism.<br />
On EP board we are free to said what our Soul is :)<br />
We are not trapped, others said that, maybe we have freedom in our hands :)<br />
Welcome on EP