Disabled But Denied

Yesterday I got the LETTER OF DENIAL!!!!
My heart sank and all I could do was cry as I read they know my condition won't allow me to work as i have but I can find substantial employment. I have worked all my life, when I was a kid I worked in the bean fields to help my Mama buy food, as I got older I cleaned houses, babysit, etc... soon as I got out of school went to public work, and worked every day since, up until I had the wreck fifteen years ago. I wasn't able to work about a year, didn't ask for help, just survived and fought to get back out there, raised my kids. worked until the day my job let me go because I was in so much pain. They literally had to carry me out. All this said because I need someone to understand I am not a quitter,  And if I could continue to work why won't I?
I paid in all these years, they took my money from me every week to use as they saw fit. another portion they were suppose to put back for the time I needed it. All my savings are gone, I lost my home. and of course no insurance, who can pay that kind of money with no income? and its all just WRONG.
I paid my dues I think, I was that military wife left my family and friends traveled overseas, worked there too, nco club plus volunteered the whole time also.
I know its a process, and I have to get a lawyer, I also know the next step takes about a year. 
Do they think because they said I could work that I can just run out and get a job? I crawl out of beds most mornings, sometimes the pain in my body is so severe I want to scream, times I do. 
Can any body tell me why the government would do this to a person? I am so confused to the system.
Any way i will struggle along and I know my God will provide my needs, I just don't know about the rest. thanks for listening.
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it takes a king time to go thought all the BS I am sorry to say they get paid to turn you down you really need to seek help from people that deal with them all the time

file your appeal right away, most first time claims are denied, then granted on appeal

I have since this story filed appeal and went to trial, when the judge looked at my mri and doctors notes, she said we don\'t need to have a trial you are 100% disabled as of the date I filed....Lawyer said he never seen a judge do that in 35 years...she also said she was so sorry I had to wait and fight I should have gotten it in the beginning... So thankful..

glad it worked out for you

thanks me too

hey im not trying to put a spanner in the works but would like you to watch this on u tube its called The maraketing medical madness are we all insane I suffer from Bipolar disorder and depression an are manic sometimes after watching this on u tube from professional doctors I have to wonder let me know if you watched it and if you found it interesting pass it on to your freinds ok huggs monica 50

I did go and watch 1-18, all I can say is wow. I too am on medication for depression and sleep. I am on a lot of medication. thanks for the info. :)

no problem glad you took the time to watch it spread the word on it ok huggs

it is the broken system i am sorry to say<br />
if you are drugs and drink when carrying a child that child gets ssi if you have a child with SB or CP it is a fight<br />
<br />
thehope you willg et mad and quites is all and i was once told they get a bonus for ech one that drops<br />
<br />
just think youare 65 monthos from retieing and you find out some one been drawing SSI off you hard work

I read your story on not being able to get the disability pension what the heck do they want you to do you have to survive sureley they can see for themselves your in dire straits with this our system over here has tightened up also but sureley they can see for themselves what your like i see you maybe able to get legall advice from someone on here how good are they I take my hat off to them for caring so much about your case.,just goes to show how supportive people are on here at least that will never change do you have any familey that can help you out for the time being can anybody over there get a cares pension for helping you with your dailey things I feel bad for you that you have to go through this its terrible hope you get a solution sooner rather than later xx

Thanks for your post and your thoughtfulness. I spoke with my lawyer a few days ago and he said, another year before I can get a hearing. The odds of mobilty for the length of time is slim to none. I need surgery they say on my back, neck and shoulder, without it because of the pressure on my spinal cord and the tear . but God will give me strength. again thank you for caring, I really feel alone.

never feel alone in this world we are here to listen to your thoughts and worries ive onley been on here for a short time and are very saddened by someof the stories I read here your not alone and never think you are ok I liked this site so much ive put a freind on to this site as well all people need is for someone to listen and care but in our case its read and carepitty you wernt in Australia our health system is so much better we have medicare and for people on disability or other payments from ther goverment its free.I didnt mentone to you I had a part time job which makes me feel like I belong somewhere maybe you could do some sort of work sitting down like a data person that puts suff in the computers
or do some voluntry work sitting down somwhere you never know whats out there for you matekeep your chin up eh huggs monica xx

Trying to get disability was one of the most grueling experiences I've ever been through. I happened to qualify for a free state lawyer that took care of every detail. I suspected that the so-called panel of doctors didn't even read the file at all. I was turned down twice and the third time went to court. This judge was very fair; even if he had turned me down, I would have felt someone had finally listened. I really would rather work - not only was my income much higher, I like to work. Anyway, hang in there, I think they count on you giving up! I've also been told that each state can be different in how difficult it is to get disability. Mine was granted in Kansas which I was later told, is one of the hardest to get disability.

Thank you for the reminder that is the same for all of us, so glad you were granted your disability, life is so hard when your health is diminished, and the struggle of every day living shouldn't be made so horrible, God bless

have contacted a lawyer to work on you case that might help

thank you that is so sweet

I am not sure how sorry