My Disableties..............

I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Boarder Line Personality Disorder with physios, Depression, and Agoraphobia. I was diagnose with PTSD when I was 13 and the others when I was about 16. I am now 40. Three years ago I made a choice to stop taking my meds. I have learned different ways to handle the symptoms. I was tired of the side affects, tired of the weight gain and feeling like a was in a non stop fog. I am mostly home bound due to the Agoraphobia. Therapy was a dead end for me, I mean how many ways can you say that your childhood was messed up beyond comprehension. So now I just muddle threw this life alone. My only friend it seems is my cat. Everyone else only comes around when they need something. I don't date because I don't think its fair to saddle anyone with my over sized baggage. The part that is hard for me to swallow is that my mother was right when she said I would end up alone and worthless.......:(
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do you know what!? Dont even think that you are worthless because you are not! you are as good as anyone else or even maybe better, because big number of people wont handle half of what you have..Here is my advice: Get your self together and start working SLOWLY on your health issues...You might never totally recover or you may do, but you definitely can have decent live...all up to you, dont give up fight because you deserve <br />
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sending prayers for you . you are among friends here

I am sorry. Your mom was wrong to have said that. Sometimes people dont realize what an other person goes through. Be strong keep going. I lost my boyfriend a month ago ... I feel alone too I don't know what to do but I'm here and I keep going...