A Personal Problem/issue Involving Sex

If you don't feel comfortable reading about sex, or sexual issues, please DO NOT read any further.

This isn't a terribly thing or something inappropriate. I'm just not sure where else to go to talk about this.
I am a 33 yr old disabled man. Paraplegic/Spina Bifida. I have a problem with ************. More to the point,
I can't **********, because, well I'm really small there. And I also have minimal feeling there, almost none.
I can get an erection and I have before, but still. Like I said, I have minimal sensation or feeling there.  So I started, 
************ anally, more or less rubbing my butthole, because I can feel that more so than I can feel my penis.
Much like women rub themselves. Recently I noticed some bleeding out of my hole, not a lot, but enough to have
it checked out. I have a hemmoroid there. Anyway, thats stopped me from doing that. I'm frustrated. I get aroused,
but now because of recent events, I don't know what course of action to take from here. 

I'm sorry to be so long winded and blunt. And I'm sorry if I've offended anyone with this. It was not my intention. 
If anyone has any thoughts, I would appreciate any feedback. 

Thanks! :-)

TrojanViper TrojanViper
36-40, M
5 Responses May 23, 2012

So, I went to a store called Lover's Lane this afternoon.(if you don't know it) And I was so happy to see the same sales lady that I'd seen last time. So there was no awkwardness about it. She told me that I should come back in June, because one day they will have everything 50%. Anyway, she was great. So between that and coming back to EP and talking with some great people. And getting advice from all of you, this has been a great day. Thank you!

Definitely use lube...and don't ever feel bad about sharing whatever you want to share...this is what EP is all about (I did like the little disclaimer at the beginning...very clever...I've done something similar too)<br />
Xoxo,<br />

If you lived close to me, I'd be glad to help you out...

i have sb too mate i have i bit more feeling than yourself i can feel when i ****, i also like to play like you do tho make sure you use some lube tho and you should really get it checked out, they dont have to know what you were doing! good luck

Oh, I did have it checked out. And I'm going to make an appointment with a gastroenterology doctor, to have it further checked out. And I don't insert a finger anymore, not since I've spotted the blood. And I have lube also. I know to have that. Thanks!

Well thankfully I can't feel well there. And I'm not bleeding much at all.