Wheelchair Man

I lost my girlfriend,freedom to drive my car and lost my job .Its been 6 hard yrs
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31-35, M
7 Responses May 25, 2012

never give up man, im 40 and was born with my disability so my life has been different, to yours as you have had things i havent and lost them. but if you want them bad enough you CAN get the back, its about mental strenght, dont let the batards beat you.

I lost eveything too after too many surgeries and lung cancer. Now I've lost my will to live.

My heart goes out to you. Hope for the best.

Have you looked into the adaptive driving programs? Are you eligible to drive with hand controls? There are so many programs around to help get back that independence that we all need. You just need to find someone to help guide you, look to someone who has been injured longer and ask for wisdom. Join adaptive sports programs

Life brings so many struggles dat it takes d fight of ur soul, 2 overcome and give u d peace 2 live again.

Also will add you to my prayer list, we are here to encourage and help. So welcome and know you will get understanding.

welcome to the group . you are alive and here for a reason i will pray for you