Life Purpose

I am on mental disability. I haven't worked in 4 years. I was a software engineer. Now I write software for fun. I also play a lot of online games. Sometimes I feel like a bum... like I have no life purpose anymore. But I read today in one of my self help books by Shakti Gawain that just being myself is my life purpose. She also said that the Universe will provide. I am doing fine and I am grateful. I have peace and sanity, as best I can for a bi-polar.
Bodeilla Bodeilla
46-50, F
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I'm on disability too...

I feel like a bum sometimes too.

I'm going to school though half time...want to full time.

I hope my disability is temporary, cause I want to work again and get well.

smiles and hugs to you