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Not Doing As Well As I'd Like

I'm disappointed that my weight loss plans and dieting stuff isn't going how I'd like it to. The plan that I told my counselor was that for the next week I would stop eating so many carbs, lay off the pizza, and eat smaller portions 5 times a day. Well, I've already had pizza 3 times in the last 4 days. I know I shouldn't be beating myself up over it too much, but that's totally not what me or my counselor had in mind. That's just annoying, and especially since I know it's totally my fault. I didn't have to eat pizza so much, but I did. Now I'm disappointed that I've pretty much failed that. Then I'm also setting myself a limit of 1,800 calories a day at the maximum, that way it would also help me lose weight if I'm not eating so much. Well I've pretty much gone over that limit every other day this week. So basically I've been going for half the week sticking to my calorie limit. That's just disappointing because I can't lose weight cheating like that, and sure enough I haven't lost weight. Between last Sunday and this Sunday, today, I've put on 2 pounds. That's so disappointing and discouraging. I know I've done a crappy job this week trying to get a handle on my eating habits and stuff, but I didn't realize I was doing that terribly. I just hate it right now. I already exercised 3 times last week and I'm going to start exercising 6 days a week starting in 2 weeks. I'll start training for a 5K run and I'll have basketball 3 days a week too. So hopefully then my exercising all the time will help me lose weight. I can't really starve myself because it isn't smart anymore now that I'm starting to exercise more and more and I'm not super committed to starving. If it's really going to hurt me while I'm already exercising, then there's no reason to do it. I'm just disappointed that I've done such a bad job this week. It's disappointing, what else can I say? I'm trying not to get too mad about it because I know it's going to take time for me to change my eating patterns and get healthier, but it just ****** me off that it's going better than it is.
skyhook2612 skyhook2612 18-21, F Jun 10, 2012

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