I Am Truly Disappointed With Myself

i'm living in this world like a corpse.. I am student and 21 years old. I don't have specific friend and make a friend with lots of people.. but people like to use me for their own benefits. i have a boyfriend once, but we already ended our relationship because at that time i don't want to hold any commitment since both of us were student. i hope he will waiting for me, but he said he found someone else. he and his girlfriend had got into a fight because of me. although, it's already 2 years he left me, but i can't forget him completely. i'm not a bright student and i had make a mistake for choosing the course that i'm not interested with. i'm already in 3rd year but to change the course is impossible. i think there is no reason i'm living on this earth. every single day, i will thinking deeply what i should do next. and i even cried every single day. This life is hard and cruel. My relationship with my family not so good. my father more focusing on my brother and i feel just like an outcast. thanks for those who read my post. i'm sorry i'm not good in English since English is not my primary language. What should i do..i need your help..
AmyJess AmyJess
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

what did you eat today?
I ate pork, noodle, bread.
Do you know the song " THE HOUSE OF RISSING SUN'? That's my favourist song.

Ok, we can chat for fun, at least fun a bit.

Sure.. :)