My husband who is 22 year older than me, is the master of the household, and that inclused the right for him to discipline me when he finds it necessary.
If he finds that I am sloppy with cleaning the house, with vacuming, washing clothes, gardening or cooking, or if I talk back to him, he punishes me.
Then I have to bare my behind, bend down and touch my toes like an old fashioned school girl and receive a solid caning from him.
It is not violence, and I am not suppressed, as I gave my husband the right to discipline me from the start of our relationship.
I have chosen this way of life my self, and I would not want to live in any other kind of relationship!
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A good spanking between a man and his wife is good and make a happy marriage

Do your children know that you are punished when you deserve it?

I wish I was a woman and a housewife - I would love to be an obedient 1950's style wife wearing full circle below the knee skirts, with lots of petticoats, stockings and suspenders, heels and a tiny waist laced into a strict corset.

obeying my man like a good Stepford Wife accepting and welcoming discipline

be safe be happy and be healthy

I love the juices coming from flower

I think that is great, Susanna. I talk to a 15 yr old girl whose daddy spanks her 3-4 times per month and she told me that she knew that he also spanked her mom sometimes, but that that was not her business to know more.

Nice to know that there are women even these days that are truly submissive. Are you submissive because he is lot older than you or would you be submissive to a man of your own age. I can only visualise your bare behind being spanked.

I dont think I could ever be submissive to a man my own age. His experience in life means a lot to my wish and ability to submit to him.

How often do you feel a need to ease your bad behaviour? Do you treat caning as a reforming process or as a prelude to more exiting end? What would be your suggestion to me be, as I have been mulling over spanking my wife for more pleasurable end. I have not been able to bring myself round to doing it.

So hot. If I has a wifey 22 years younger I too would Spank her. Old enough to be your damn daddy.

my family also believes in domestic discipline my parents chose my bf and encourages him to discipline me already

And is your bf already disciplining you?

yes he is has since we got together

Very interesting love to chat sometime and an add please!

Interesting that he only canes you. Does he vary the intensity & number of strokes?

Number of strokes, yes.

I am not married yet, but I am punished by my bf and will continue after we are married

My girlfriend is 14 years younger and she was the oneto bring up gegetting the belt for her wwrong doings also to live a DD relationship. Would you please add me I had some questions I would like to ask you about the life style and don't have time right now but want to come back and read your stories. Thanks for your time reading my message. Mark

Your are welcome. Add me when you have the time to talk.

I can't add you just comes back and says can't add

hi add me to chat ukmale9996 @ yahoo com

Excellent attitude ! I admire you for it !

Thank you.

Does " The Boss " know your on here ?

Yes he does.

Does he read all your messages ?


Would you bend over for 12 if he saw our conversation ?

No, I would not be punished for that. I am here with his permission.

That's so good of you to seek his permission first


Always think of your master first

Of course. Any good wife does.

Do you get 12 strokes every time ?

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It takes a real women that is secure with herself to give so freely. Please add me would be honored if we could be friends.

i admire you for this young lady


Hi Susanna, may we be friends here? I'm in my early twenties, grew up being spanked and am thinking it would be a good thing to have a husband who loved me, for sure, but also would spank if I needed it, so I'm interested in people like yourself who seem to have that and are happy. I tried to message you, but wasn't able to. Thanks! Amber

I would like to compare experiences, but I cannot send you a pm. Please add me.

I'm an older strict disciplinarian
I believe that females should be subject to corporal punishment I also practice all forms of corporal punishment humiliation corner time figging enforced nudity denied privacy sexual bondageAdd me to your list of friends so we can chat more about you spankings

Could you please add me? I could really useyour advice. We are new to the life style and always looking for guidence

I am in a DD relationship too, it works well for us

Of course if he is neglectful in providing for you, then you should be able to punish him

I am also disciplined by my husband and we both love it that way! I wish we could find people to socialize with that also lived this lifestyle.

Can you add me Susanna3


kiss you. That is the it should be and my husband was 10 yrs older than me. But he liked me over his lap.

A good husband you had.

Its is the only best kind of relationship. I too live in DD and I really love it, cause it makes me feel safe and loved.

I can easily recognize that feeling. That is exactly why I would not live in any other kind of relationship.

Would love to share more, sometime, if it's fine with you.

I would really like that.

Glad to hear it. I often get misunderstood by people on EP. If you could take some time out and read one or two of my experience. See if you feel like adding me so that we can share more experiences.

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I would rather like to try an old fashioned caning like that. So far I have only experimented with a cane with a friend which gave a nice tingly sensation. I imagine a proper caning would be much different! Do you manage to stay in position when you touch your toes? I think I might overbalance.

It is not easy to maintain the position, but after many years of training I manage.

If you are worried about over balancing in the toe-touch position, bare and bend over a desk. You will be tight enough to experience much more than a tingle. Trust me.

Do you always deserve it and does your husband enjoy it?

I am only punished when deserved.

You must be very naughty then, when were you last caned ?

I think there should be more of this. It teaches respect and good behaviour. Punishment is not violence it is just a reminder of wrong deeds. I believe it should be both ways, but often it is not.