Wife Wears The Pants

Donna and I have been married for 5 years now and she wears the pants in our relationship.  She put me over her knee on our wedding night and spanked my bare bottom soundly with her wedding paddle.  As she held me over her lap she issued me a set of rules that I was going to end up living by she took charge of me.  By the time we got home from our honeymoon I was a total submissive and we started our life with her as the head of the household.  As the years have gone by I have adjusted to my lifestyle and accept my position in our marriage as more the wife than the husband.  Donna is the main breadwinner and is in charge of all our affairs and gives me an allowance and a household budget.  Going over my budget or squandering my money shopping will always wind me up over her knee getting my bottom spanked with her wedding night paddle.  PP
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Omg I can't believe all these stories in reading you call yourselves men NO YOU ARE MERELY SHEEP wow being bossed around by your wives they are you wives not mothers you idiots take a bit if control wth you are no where near being men pffftt

you are 100% right. I am no where near being a man. My wife wears the pants and I wear panties 24/7 to show my place. She also makes me wear dresses at home while I do stuff around the house.

oh yes my wife wears the pants in our famly here i am submissive to her i do all the house work dusting cleaning wash so on plush my outside chores garden cutting grass<br />
my wife has me in panties an lock in chastity she afrid i ********** to much when she not around she forbids me to play with myself

My wife wears the pants in our marriage and she loves to brag about it. She's the main breadwinner and I do all the housework, laundry, cooking and shopping. I'm ashamed and embarrassed by our dynamic but also aroused by it. I guess I'm sexually submissive and she's dominant. Our situation keeps me in a state of constant titillation. I have to ask permission whenever I want to do anything. I'm only allowed to see a couple friends that she approves of, also submissive husbands. She especially enjoys giving me humiliating scoldings in public. I've been scolded to tears in front of her family and in the mall before. It was deeply mortifying to be marched through the mall crying. At 5'11'' she's three inches taller than me and very strong. If I talk back or deliberately disobey her, she takes my pants down, holds me helpless over her knee and gives me an old fashioned spanking. Unable to do anything more than kick my legs and squirm I'm spanked by my wife until I'm sobbing. Punishment includes spending the rest of the day, or sometimes week, in my little white underpants to remind me that I don't wear the pants in our house, and being grounded for one or two weeks. My wife and I are very much in love and have been for 20 years. I love it that she wears the pants.

"...accept my position in our marriage as more the wife than the husband."<br />
You are still a man and she is a woman! But as women are supirior to men, of cause she wears the pants and she is in charge and your place is on your knees or ober her knees when getting paddled on a regular ba<x>se.