I know it is frowned upon these days, but my family have always believed in physical punishment. My younger brother and I Are spanked if we do something real bad. Now the other day, I got lippy with my dad. He was being an *** and I told him so. (Actually, I swore at him). He grabbed me and pushed me across his lap and flicked my skirt up. He said 'You're not too old for this.' And so saying, he hit my *** a couple of times. Hard. I wriggled a little and then he hit me again, and again and again. He had never done this before and it was into a kinda rhythm.

Then I felt myself suddenly and without warning, horny as all hell. I could also feel his hard-on through his pants. I grabbed the arm of his chair and as I felt myself getting close I said 'Oh stop. You're making me sore.' He hit me a couple more times and I orgasmed. In my panties right there. I also felt his penis twitching under my belly and I guess I made him shoot too.

I ran back to my bedroom and flung myself on the bed and cried a little. But then I got to thinking about it. I was wet as all hell and there was no doubt I loved having the *** and yes, I loved making dad *** too. I flipped over onto my back and *********** with the image of him ******* me in my head. I had another really savage ***.

Later that night, I told my best friend about dad spanking me and it making me feel horny. She told me that it does the same for her too. In fact, she sometimes gets him cross just to make him spank her! (I guess I am a slow starter) I asked if she masturbates too and she said that, like me, she thinks about him ******* her.

I got horny again and as we talked I slipped my hand between my legs. I think she was ************ under the covers too because in a few moments, we both went quiet and started breathing heavy. I don't know about her, but I *** again.
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Your stories are amazing!

Ok, its official, I love all your stories. I know I'll get **** for this, but I think it would be so beautiful if you and your parents had an ****** relationship.

thank you for sharing, I wonder if these are true. If so it helps me to understand women. My ex used to make me upset on purpose, I guess understand what she wanted now.

so very HOT!

great story. please add me.