I Don't Know

i have had boyfriends in the past and done the whole 'i love you' we are going to be together forever, blah, blah, teenage romance thing. but in my early twenties i met him. the only man i trusted indefinitely, he never hurt me (every other guy has), he gave me unconditional love, he was so beautiful and kind from the depths of his soul to the end of his skin. we accepted each other fully, their were  no secerts, no lies between us. we both are ill and we had no problem with that, with taking care of each other. all that matter to us was each other. never once did he make me cry or hurt me. 
then one day i wake up and our lives are changed forever, he's thrown into prison and i am thrown half way across the world. neither of us saw this coming. nor was this a welcomed experience. they tore us apart and till this day my heart bleeds despite the fact its been years. this is a wound that will never heal.
now that i have a new boyfriend it is very clear to me my heart is not his but my ex's (i cringe at that word because to me he will never be). i just keep on faking my way through life devoid of my heart, soul, capacity to love and enjoy.
why did they break us? they basically killed us? i don't even feel like part of the living most of the time.
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I'm so sorry,..I hate that you have felt this pain for so very long..I wish I could take it from you but i cannot, you cannot take this kind away, nor can you forget, so I pray for your release..may you find some comfort in faith..

when he went to prison, my family no longer wanted me to be with him to they forced me to move

whos they? and why did u have to move?