Most Of The People Around Me Tell Me No One Good Will Ever Love Me

many people around me have told me love for me will be a waste of time due to my appearance and 

most people I know put me down all the time

most people I know say love is a waste of time

most people I know convince me that there is nothing good enough about me

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Why are you still surrounded whit this people that put you down.why dont you try life with out them.ofcource you can be loved by a good guy.but first you need to start apreciate your self more to love your self and work on your self.there is love in the world and its not your fault that youre family didnt show you any.dont give up but surround your self with good people let go off the toxic people in your life.i wish you love girl.

I have written to you in a previous story tonight, I meant every word. <br />
<br />
You've not given up because you're still asking for help. Question is, what are you going to do with the help you receive. <br />
You say most people you know, but that does not mean all and your only looking for one. I say forget the most people, focus the the others, they see you for more than you see your self. <br />
<br />
Love is a misunderstood word, severely misunderstood. The people who say it is a waist of time are those who do not understand it's significance.<br />
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Let me be frank here.... F$%k "most people", they will figure it out in their own do time, perhaps then that can learn to accept you, until then your life is just starting. There is only and I do mean only one person who writes your story....that is YOU.

thanks for your advise not that I had much of a chance to read it but ... no in this case it is too late... and to be honest I am ok with that... I don't think anyone can or even would help me... most of the guys that come my way are complete losers... and that wont do anymore...

Im sick of people throwing that ****** used up guys at me or old farts or young jerks who have not got a clue about live... granted I know nothing about the sort of love you are talking ...I have only even known compromising rape as so called love... and Im sick of it... rather have none...

No, it's not to late. Your story is shared by the hundreds of thousands, your far from alone.
First off though, MOVE AWAY!! You've got to move way far away, just that move alone would change your life. You far to concerned about what other people are doing to you, you need to worry only about what you are doing to you.

You are one of more then countless rape victims, at every age that regained them selves, if they can do it so can you. You make the choice, no one else, if you want a new life than take it, stop waiting for your family to feed you more lies.

I actually don't care what your mom said, it's no longer her business, it stopped being her business when you turned 18.

You have no reason to stay where you are, your giving up on your self, why not move to a new place with new faces. Time to write a new chapter if you ask me. You can start the chapter with "My newly written story of me".

You can disregard my words but it does not make them less true.

Past has happened, time to leave it in it's grave where it belongs. You can create a new you, who we are is not set in stone.

No one can help someone who does nto want to help them selves, when you are ready to understand that then someone can help you.
Perhaps you suffer a little from stockholm syndrome of a sort, but that to can be changed.
Good luck, perhaps one day all that I have written provided you read it all will come fully to your mind.

my mum has told me no quality man would want me... she had made that clear to me all my life <br />
<br />
and my brother and his wife put me down and my sister rubbishes me to everyone... <br />
<br />
<br />
I gave up looking cuz people gave up on me...

No one cares what mom or relatives think, we only care what you think. Their opinion really means nothing, it serves no purpose, this fits into focus and where you place it. dwelling is a form of focus.