Encouragement For the Discouraged

This poem encourages the discouraged. It's hopeful, light, cool, and wonderful.  Enjoy.

the discouraged
bad things my end up to good ones,
when you fail you'd better clap ya hands,
cuz you don't deserve being upset
just try again
be happy, sing or go to dance
don't make ya home a jail, don't be a pet
if you wanna succeed;
don't cheat
concentrate, be prepared, have a rest
you need the feedback of your success
not as for being famous
but to gain yourself
even if there is no justice
invent it, make it,
achieve it, prove it
take as a notice
don't forget that it has
what can make you great
the greatest after god
our society is really bad, it's even a ****,
but don't care of it
don't care of people
don't be sad
don't let slip what you can seize
cuz after the fall comes the rise
so do it, if you really wanna win the prize! !

abdelmajid seghir 

rosesencha rosesencha
Jul 22, 2007