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The Se7en 8ight Project

Se7en 8ight Project
Hello, my name is Travis Olson and I am from a small Illinois town just south of Chicago. I am now 18 years old and ready to graduate from Coal City High School 2013. The title of this paper may cause you to question how a name like that may arise or what the project is about. It is a project where I make tasks right now and go along in life trying to complete them and try to live a life I relish. As for the title, it replicates the final task, it is so secretive, I will not be telling anyone about it until I am near completing it, thus completing the project. Fill your tea cup and get comfortable, this is my story of the project.
My parents are not wealthy, my father did not finish high school and my mother never attended college, they would spend their lives living an unsure life paycheck to paycheck wondering if we just might have enough money to stay in our home overlooking a river. It’s a dream home my mother envisioned and my father would spend his life savings on. Up until I was 16, I was a normal teenager, always had ideas, I worked on cars and did whatever I could for money. The thing is, the life style was as what my parents wanted, a sort of vintage central Americana. A long drive away is a township known as Naperville, where beautiful houses are made, there were decorative walkways and sculptures, and meticulously maintained downtown city streets. Once a month I would sit in a small restaurant there, it was pleasurable watching the Saturday shoppers walk from store to store in their rather fancy clothing. I enjoyed every moment there, and a place like that is where I wanted to live.
When I was 17, I met a girl whom I ended up dating. I shall call her Women. Her family was more of an upscale residence. Everywhere we went, we went to expensive restaurants, movie theaters, everywhere was a grand place that was relaxing and had absolutely no scent or whiff of farm fields, pickup trucks, or the country music. The family itself was interesting all by itself, everyone was an example of a gentleman or lady, all dressed respectfully, all had been educated highly. As I met Women’s family from other states and greater distances, I became very comfortable sitting in their living room, talking with uncles and aunts, grandparents, the lot. Every single one of them did not show hatred, the family loved each other, and did not dwell on problems. On my birthday, the family made me cake with and gave small presents, something my family would do, but it wasn’t as special of a moment. I knew that if I ever had a family, this is what it must be like.
Women ended up going to University and I was a grade down from her in high school and I am still there now. It was a heart break, as we all would agree when you break up with your first love, but this wonderful woman was more than that, it was agonizing on our final goodbye before she left. I truly believe that in most cases intelligent parents give off intelligent children, and Women would became nothing short of the family I enjoyed most. It reminds me of how certain women search for ***** donors of a higher IQ to have a rather special child. None of my family were successful, none went to college apart from my sister. She didn’t go far however. If my belief was true, who am I to dream of a higher developed family, that can afford a peaceful home in a peaceful neighborhood where no guns are fired, and the family car can be left with the doors unlocked without a worry of theft. My family was plagued by divorcements and funerals. No one ever got married, so for most of my life, I learned loving someone was a bad thing, and stayed far away from any sort of “special” person( until I gave way to Woman). At every funeral or family get together, not a single person would speak of a fellow’s life in a positive manner, it was always why they hated them, and the event always took place over 20 years before. No one ever forgot the past. Who am I as a son supposed to continue that tradition on to my family, who am I to introduce fear when someone forgets to lock the doors at night, as a son I must break the family’s code of ethics, and replicate those of Woman’s family I admire most.
Continuing on to the next steps of the project, here is my career in mind, my dream job would to be an automotive journalist. It’s a job where you review the newest auto creations, gossip of manufacturing techniques and talk about the politics of cars. It’s a hard job I understand, and ruddy difficult to get into. Most auto journalist start by writing for magazines or newspapers that are about the boring things in life, or terrible simply by the job in general. Some were inducted by luck, others worked for it. The fact is, a college is in order, and by the looks of things, they are very bleak. Every time I bring up the topic to the parents, they look away or ignore me. All they respond is with, “there is always a place in the family business.” The family business is a sort of market place where topsoil can be purchased by landscapers. It is not successful, and there is no money to maintain the machinery. I understand the difficulty it will take, and the integrity required, but it is a fact I am doing everything possible to be where I want to be. I read through the texts book for class five times now, and homework is completing in intricate detail. If I have to work as an editor for a beauty magazine to someday write about cars, then so it be. Several times every day, I think of a night struggling to write a new report for the Japanese car industry, at 1AM when the report is due that morning, but if I am there, and my family is at home sleeping in a peaceful residence, it is all paid off. I consider myself successful if I live that way, and I could title myself happy man.
Another problem arises, where to live. Believe it or not, what I want desperately is to live in the United Kingdom. I love the way the houses are made, I like the small streets, I like how you are never far away from photographing natural beauty that is the geographical make-up of the island. The next bit may make you question myself in general. As a connoisseur of all things that row and go, I am a bit of a fan of James May. He is my hero, he is a man that I share many interests with, and he is an automotive journalist. He is quite popular though, and is seen just about everywhere whether on his motorcycle, in his car, at a pub, at a tool shop, or watching the latest orchestra. All of his thoughts are intriguing and alluring, it is my dream to one day shake hands with the man, and have a conversation over a pint in the local pub after a round of darts. I realize this is possible, and the hard work would pay off. However, through the trial of schooling overseas in an unfamiliar country at such a young age is mind boggling.
I have decided to wait a few years, and do what I need to do here on home soil, and see where life takes me. Right now, I am unsure where I will end up, college seems impossible due to the lack of interest from my parents. Now is the time to break from my preset destination my parents have set, and act now. This is the beginning Se7en 8ight Project.
I relish the project more than anything, I have been driving more cautiously, I quit riding motorcycles because losing an appendage or create a health problem by an accident will ruin the outcome of the pursuit and I must give up the more expensive hobbies as every amount of money counts. Every task I have made all leads off to the final one, the grand finale. This I will share as I get closer, but stay patient, it could take 5 years, maybe 10. In the end, it is a win-win situation, if I succeed to the final project, my life as far as I know is where it should be, if it doesn't work out, I try to move to the UK and do what I must there. It is either or, but I beg for the project to be successful. Ten years is a long percentage of my life, and I am up to doing it all to the letter. As for the title “Se7en 8ight”, I will announce what it means when I get to the final project.
This blog ( ) was made to keep supporters updated. For those if you reading, and need some inspiration, I hope I made a good example for you to make your own life project, and follow your dreams as I try to make mine. As updates are added, I will give details and clues for certain parts to the project. Some parts may take years to produce, but all tie into the grand finale of the scheme. It may shock you, and I doubt you can guess what it may be.
Thank you so much for reading
Yours kindly,
Travis Olson
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Thats quite a dream and if thats what you want, then play it out as you said and see where it takes you! Good luck!