We're Humans. Blame Evolution.

The "inappropriate for children under 18" box was checked because this post concerns rape, which is something I doubt is an inappropriate subject for 'teens,' but some might deem it is.

Humans are greedy, selfish, lazy creatures by nature. We can't help it, but we can try. Right and wrong is only what you think it is. Before we condemn anyone, consider what they are thinking or why they did what they did.

Take, for example, if a man stole a woman's purse. We call that wrong, right? But why did he? Does he need the money for something (assuming the purse is worth something or has something valuable in it) important? Is a family member of his in desperate need of some medication the thief saw the owner of the purse put into said purse? Are they facing job loss and home loss, and cannot afford food or shelter? Is his wife/girlfriend/relative pregnant?

In order to survive in the wild, humans had to build certain traits to live. If we were all perfect, kind, giving people we would of gone extinct. We are greedy and selfish because we had to be.

Honestly, I am ashamed to be human too, I hate my life and I hate (and fear) the people around me. Yet, at the same time, you and I are no better then the people who disgust us.

One of the Stories below says, quote "...ppl want to have a rape fantisy, ppl rape ppl, humanity is a discusting and i wish ppl could die that are like..." Those "ppl" don't understand how serious rape is, which is understandable considering how 'easy' life is for young people these days. Concerning the "rape fantisy," what is wrong with having a perverted fantasy? I'm sorry if you are perfect, but no one else is. Why do people rape each other? Well, people have hormones. These hormones make us feel love, make us hate, make us angry or sad. They make us aroused and for some men and women, this feeling is very powerful and driving. Their minds sometimes go blank when they are aroused enough, only seeking a way to eliminate the feeling. Most people who had been sexually abused went on to be rapists themselves.
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Dec 8, 2012