Native People

Here in the United States, people know that Native Americans were treated wrongly, and killed in the thousands in wars, by disease and starvation ever since the 1600's. But they don't know the status of Native Americans from late 1800's into today. And they certainly have not heard of the Aboriginal peoples of Austrailia. The treatment of Austrailia's Aboriginal peoples is very similar to the treatment of the Native Americans, and the people Native to South America. How could people treat their fellow humans like this? And how could the crimes committed against Austrailia's Aboriginal peoples exist well into the 20th century? Children were stolen from their homes and assimilated into white families. They weren't sent to schools, they were ILLEGALLY abducted. This is a federal crime. Also, people were denied many other privliages. Since many of these crimes were committed fairly recently in time, so reperations should be awarded. Sure, you can't give these people their childhood back, but the apology that the government gave won't fix anything either. Money should be awarded, at the least, and help for all the people whose lives have been ruined by all the social problems that occur because of the government's treatment.
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Thank you for your thoughtful comment, you are right that the abdication of children is terrible. I'm Australian and every Aboriginal person I've met is a wonderful human being, I have the greatest respect for them. But there is lots of racism still. People believe the myth that Aboriginal people get more government money for free homes, education, etc but this is not true. I have Aboriginal people in my family and I can tell you that free "handouts" is a complete myth. Lots of Australians do not realize that they still have racist views and feelings in their hearts towards Aboriginal people. Thank you for your wize statement.

hang on a sec you need to understand that we are only a young country just over 200 years yes the wrong thing was done by Aboriginal people but now Aboriginals are not only treated as equals but are given extra help by our government free education free homes cheaper medicines and thats just the tip of the ice burg the absoulte worse thing that white people have done to Aboriginals is to introduce them to alcohol i have worked to help aboriginals and im Australian so i know what im talking about and no offence but i think you as an American should stay out of it and get your facts straight

you might work with aboriginal people but you don't know what people want or need. aboriginal people are discriminated against still today with racist government policy where the government pretends like there helping aboriginal poeple but are trying to systematically destroy culture and rob people of there land this is seen and understood by people in other countries alot better then it is by most white australians who either don't care or don't understand why aboriginal people dont want or need to assimilate. while your talking about the worst things white people have done to aboriginal people maybe you might want to think about the hundreds of thousands if not millions of men,women and children who were murdered.maybe you should stay out of it and get your facts right

FACT! You can do anything you want in this nation.Be a successful BILLIONAIRE if you have the DRIVE to do it!!! Go to Africa and try to succeed. NOT gonna happen. Bodies float down the rivers. Killed by the leader of a tribe that disagrees with an agenda. Oh....and the leaders are mostly black. Get schooled first. Learn the TRUE history of Africa before you make assumptions about the United States. HISTORY! Not what the Liberal teacher tells you! Think for yourself!!!

Government continues to fund abortion clinics for the sole purpose of killing African Americans BEFORE they have a chance at life. That destroys families. That destroys life. THAT is a fact.