I'm Disgusted To Live In Such A Racist Country Filled With Such Hate!


This protest has been going on at this sire for many months. Many others like it have occured in my lifetime. How is it that nothing is ever heard about it on the news until a gang of police thugs storms the camp? Why do those in power feel threatened enough to conduct themselves in this manner? i think I know the truth, the cold hard truth, it's not about racism..the sad truth is it's about money and power. These people have neither and yet are brave enough to stand up to those with both. Maybe the critics of their struggle are just envious of the courage that such acts take?
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

Same in my country I feel the same way..the US....Anywhere the British Government has been this has always happened, They have done this horror in Ireland, in the US to the Indians, in S Africa to the Blacks and in your Country! ****** me off a lot!
Dam the British Government They need to get their Anglo ***** out and stick just to their homeland!

I would think athat a Kony 2012 style approach would acutally work becasue, unlike Kony, the strife and struggle in Australia still remains, regardless of any media hype and claims otherwise. In fact , the Australian government, and by which I mean the whole poloitcal spectrum have been conveniently quiet on this front FOREVER! so, if forever is 200 years of inequity, why is it that these days we talk about coal miners, or wheat exporters, or manufacturers hitting it hard when they enjoy all the social benefits that indigeneous Australians don't??? (If I could put that as a Q on EP boards I would)


I agree it is about money and power but , sadly , racism is also alive and well in Australia.