A Positive Outcome At Last

as i have commented before on the governments underlying interests of gaining control over tribal lands that have been given back to the original inhabitants through native title...they continue to force them off their tribal lands by deeming them unfit to control their lives with illegal tactics

tribal elders continue to battle against these mining companies and the current company with intentions to establish a uranium mine in the centre of Kakadu is a french company Avera...can you imagine the devastation this mine would create to one of our natural resources is mind-boggling...just the amount of water that needs to be re-directed from vital water sources will upset the balance of the Kakadu eco-system 

but we can all thank the tribal elders who care about our environment and our future generations...as they have said no to the govt, the mining company and the LNP and have refused to enter into anymore talks or meetings

its a win BV...its a win....


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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

here is one link and if you go to home you'll find other links ...its pretty horrific what they've done...the wiradjuri are holding a protest there over the easter weekend...the mining co barrick gold are the culprits and i think they are based at west wyalong ..i'll do some research as well ....i have been so distracted and had forgotten about this ...thank for reminding me ....they must be stopped although great damage has already been done<br />
cheers<br />

oh great subject Lake Cowal and very close to my heart please study this one<BR>funnily enough i was born at west wyalong and Lake Cowal is approx 40ks this side of WW....when i was 14 i lived on the Lake Cowal property...my brother-in-law got the positon of managing the property when it was owned by an old fella...he was so kind, but he would be dead now and im not sure how the property was divided and god knows who his family sold it too <BR>it was a huge property and the lake was massive, so beautiful ..there are pelicans out there eh ....our house was near the river about 10 ks from the lake<BR>i have some info about it in my favs...so i'll get back to you with some links and history<BR>cheers