And So Are the Australians

As indicated by the amount and number of reparations and apologies the government is offering.  The U.S., whose treatment of its own aboriginals is parallel, should be paying attention.

In both countries, what I think disgusts me most is the attempt to beat their "barbaric" native languages out of them.  Not that we're the only countries to have tried it; see and the movie it promotes.

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sorry its taken me so long to reply but my pc died and its taking awhile to get a new one<br />
gosh george that is just so sad to hear that the tribes would allow or even worse want nuclear waste stored on their lands ..that is frightening<br />
but i do believe that their are false tribes that government officials consult and deal with ...i know in the cherokee nation that this happens

Jinda, I wouldn't doubt you're right. None of the stories I was reacting to were in depth, so quite possibly only the surface was covered.<br />
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So thank you for the comment.<br />
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Irony alert: Here in Utah, it's the tribe that's pushing to have nuclear waste stored on their land.

hi huge heart ...please go to the experience..I am australian and read my stories on the NT intervention...i should have posted it here but i thought that it may be wider read in the other group<br />
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george the apology by the KRudd govt was very shallow it was just farsical ...on one hand they acknowledged past injustices and then with a fatal blow with the other hand ******** them of all rights, their dignity and native title...<br />
they even abolished the Racial Descrimination act in the northern territory to forcibly remove them from their land so they can expand the uranium mining and establish the worlds largest nuclear waste dump...<br />
right in our heartland...