Old Generation Should Be Cherished

The presence of someone who have much life experience and knowledge in our life should not be overlook. As a child i was grow up living with my uncles and grandfather. From days to days i watched and learned something new from them. Its a quite enjoyable but sometime annoying quest, as i have to take whatever risks i ve been told to. Things like getting angered at, or humiliation is one of those things i have accepted as part of the learning process. At one time i know the faults is on their shoulder, but as a lesson told me we had to respected the older no matter how hate for you to doing that. That kind of philosophy help me to value themselves even i knew i have put myself in degradation in some eyes.

As i growing up matured , i have full equipped with all those experience or mentality that have been instill to myself. No more longer treated as a child by them , but treated in respect like any of old person, i earned back my respect in return for respecting them. Now im quite capable to analyzed what is wrong and what is right morally, understand the concept of this universe as a whole and know what is the purposed of my life. Knowledge without action is just like a tree without fruits, it never benefit yourself. So life is full of meaning, and im working on that. I combined all the things that i ve learned in past, from social matter to spiritual one and blend it on my own way. But i never choose a religion that fit with my personality, that is for sure. I choose a religion that is intertwined with science and logic fact, the religion that guide and nurture mankind to become a good human being and the religion that have high value for humanity. I also realized human knowledge is just a drop of ink in the ocean compared to the GOD knowledge, and thats make me feel comfortable to be in religion i have practised now.

One thing for sure, i like to mingle with people older than my age. It was something refreshing and valuable for me, the vast experiences they have craved for many years. I need to be guide and thats what im looking for all of my life. They are my gurus, my teacher, my master, and my coach. Without them i think life is incompleted, as it is not balanced. I saw many young people are busying themselves with the entertainment and technologies and  while in other group is old people talking about their work,family and children. I think why should such division happened? At the end of the day we live in a one society. I would enjoyed the company of old people as much as young people around my age.
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I enjoyed reading your post,it has made me pause for a while and reflect on all my loved ones who have passed on.All the advice they had given me based on a lifetime of experiences.Most of all I admire your viewpoint that there should be no divide based on age,we can glean information from all ages,communication is the key and from what I have read you surely do possess it.Thank you. :-)

I find it ironic, and refreshing, that you suggest the YOUNGER generation as closed-minded before you suggest the older.

hehehehe. what do you suggest then, flameoffire?

Oh, I'm not suggesting anything... I just appreciate that you break the mold of newer = better.

Brainy and you are right that the elders don't really get the respect their deserve. But I do notice that you have pointed out that the elders only care about the basics, such as family and the young only care about technology itself. Do you think the young will change and become more like the elders. Or will society just someday become all technology ba<x>sed in the future. I don;t really know but it seems a little scary.

Thanks Brainy for such comments. Your comments are right to the edge. Thats one of the many reason why i want you to be part of my inner circle.

yes you are right,Johnnny88. Its individuals themselves that make a different. Environment act as a medium to channel out the ideas to every single of person so they can react with the changes no matter what the mechanics of things.