Be Proud, Be Yourself

To me acceptance is a form of empathy and for me, empathy is a sign of true intelligence...and for me, I don't know about anyone else, but the mind, the brain is the sexiest organ in the body. Without sex, itself, we wouldn't be here to have this discussion or any other for that matter. Therefore, we, in my opinion, as a thriving, thinking race, need diversity in culture, we need debate and we need change sometimes. We need this progression to prove to our own heads, our own minds, our own sexy brains that we are moving...always...eternally...and we are taking every weird and strange out out of the box, outside the lines, misunderstood, otherwise lost, looted or forgotten idea, concept and dream with us...every day...every where.

It's in our heritage and its in our future, in fact, it's the only thing that is in our future. If we want to have a future, we must accept. We are different, and it is these differences that ultimately begins the conversations and debates that build new networkings of people, from which are built the friendships and the loves that begin the inevitable process to join all over again...and again...and again.

Anyone that cannot understand that has missed the boat. And I mean the boat that will ultimately carry you through and over the days and nights of the flood of ignorance and intolerance, leading to death of masses...leading to pain and destruction for the sake of destruction. For it is those ignorant, writhing masses that work the hardest always to redirect your attention to their cause. And their cause has been and will always be to see things exactly as they want you to see them...their way. And that's NOT the way to a future.

Our future is paved with good intentions. The path is lined with "what if's" and "what next's". So don't let ANYone ever tell you that you're not good enough or smart enough or strong enough, that you don't worship the right way on the right day, or don't have the right thing to say. Remain an individual striving for perfection of self, helping others, accepting others, realising your future and the future of all things lies in the diversity of our world and everything in it.

Express your intelligence, and demand your voice be heard from the highest peak, from the lowest valley, demand that your thoughts are considered...and remember, you matter today and tomorrow. You are who you are, and like no one else ever will be ever again. Don't ever give that up for anyone or anything. You are a gift unto yourself, unto your world, unto its future. Be proud, be YOURSELF.
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4 Responses Sep 29, 2010

Dear Klt3shottie, I'm glad you derive so much use from my thoughts shared, and I derive so much happiness from yours, using them to make my whole day one lovely smile:) Thank you so very much, as your words to mine inspire me to share and learn more with my friends:) ~hugs~

Your stories and your words are helping me learn more about myself and how I perceive things. You have been and continue to be a nice breath of freah air and have made an impact on me.

That was Avery inspiring message and I have taken it to heart. If I feel myself being ridiculed or catch myself judging others, I will come back to this and learn from it.

You're too kind, Sir:) Thank you and I'm happy to know you found it to be of some use for you:) That, as you can guess, means much to me:) Thanks again:)