And the thing is so many people who say their open minded they really aren't . Just because someone has a different mind set because they have a different lifestyle than you doesn't mean they are wrong . You can have a different opinion and that's totally okay but don't judge or disrespect someone else's mind set just because you don't understand it . There's a difference between being ignorant and being open minded . Realize that . This goes for many different topics that I'm sure almost everyone on here can relate to . Stay open minded everyone x
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some people tend to hate what they don't understand. we must allways be open to learn, to understand. wish everybody was more willing to learn.

if someone is fundamentally incorrect with what they are saying for example if someone claims to be a prophet of god wity no proof and full life records is closed minedness allowed (also dont try and get smart by saying it is possible through the theories of erwin schrodinger)

I agree and the worst part is that most people who have a closed mind, have an open mouth. Lol

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