Dark Minds

The small mindedness of people , the thinking that no other viewpoint is right but their own , is beyond disgusting in my view.

I have seen it in real...and on EP.... I dont understand the level of self centerdness ..the level of empty headed prejudice that is needed

to dismiss or condemn someone else ... either because their  viewpoint is different from yours , or because they are of a different race , have a different lifestyle or believe in something or do not believe in something.

I look at some of the posts .. here religious , political ....even some posts where someone is pouring their heart out over something that they have done trying to find some peace ....

And the comments are appalling .... who should be judge and jury of anyone else ... you has the right to say what the right thing to believe in is and what isn't .

Our differences of opinion and cultures of beliefs and views should be a thing of beauty and actually make us a more accepting human beings  , but for some it is seen as a basis to spew their ignorance and stupidity for the world to hear ....

I have to shake my head in pity at these people ........what a dark , hateful place their minds must be .

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Great buttery biscuits!! Its the AETIUG...Against anything that isnt us groups..*grabs garbage can lid and hides self and heart behind it *...follow me darling..remember to run serpentine.....the lid will hide us from the empty headed , shallow banter of stupidity they wil speak...but we must run when they start with the anti - everything torp[edos ..those can hurt ......*grabs hearts hand runs like a crazed kitti *

LOL thanks i hope they are heavy duty!!...this could get ugly!! lol

LOL...defintely..*runs to heart ..hands her a pair of hot pink earplugs*..get ready darling here they come....=-)

oh boy, i fear we would all need some kind of earplugs =)

You are spot on myheart I am glad you liked it....your comment is so true ...it sometimes make me wonder how loud it would get if those that judge so harshly , were they themselves judge and measured with the same scales they measure others.....thank you and I am glad you liked it myheart

bravo! well written. I believe the people who come into our lives are there for one reason or another. if we cannot keep an open mind and accept them for who they are, what the believe or what they feel...how can we ever take anything away from the experience of meeting them?? we wouldn't want to be judged yet so many do judge...its not our place to say. again well written than you for posting.

I agree g9 ..no one views or beliefs are betters than another just different ...what a better world this would be ... if judgment and closemindeness ..was replaced by frank conversation in a non biased way.... then those that seek guidance as you say can be confident in asking for such, knowing they will be listened too with out judgement ... thanks for you comments =-)

I am glad you liked it wolf .. sorry for the late response I didnt see your comment...=-)..and yes I don agree about perspective .. and viewpoints differing ...*sighs* yes if only people can open and accept differing viewpoints or at least have open minded discussions .. and not accuse .. belittle and insult because someone does not believe or see things the same as them ...*hugs MM* thanks fro the comment darling

Who has the right view ?<br />
<br />
When some are here pouring out their heart and soul ,and phrase their story in a form of a request for guidance . Guidance will come , in all sorts and manner . Some believe in strong love and discipline and some with heart felt compassion . Who is to say which is better , both have intent to guide , which was what was requested .

Many dont have the maturity to be open minded and dont have the heart to accept other's views...They are quite dogmatic in their approach in every issue and always thing they are impeccable and cannot be contradicted!! And when two such guys with opposing views meet the situation gets worse...We must learn to accomodate every view of others and must arive at a common solution....Remember,everyone is right in their own perspective thats why they believe in what they are doing....If the common opinion is that their perspective will take them in a wrong route,then we must try to sit and talk with them to change them for their good!!<br />
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Thanks for a nice post kitti.Hope people get less dogamtic and accept every person,every culture and every race in a same way as they accept theirs!!

aww thanks Star darling ...actually *giggles* your kitti was a little ticked off when she wrote this .but umm better now yayayy ...wheres my pogo stick girl!!<br />
<br />
Dem your are as usual absolutely correct ...girl ..*hugs Dem tight* but I realized even as I wrote this , that until we find a way to change the hearts of people ..there is no solution to blind prejudice *sighs* .....thanks for your insightful comment

*hugs Kitti extra tight* Couldn't have said it better darling---there goes that Kitti heart of gold in action! You rock sis!!!! =D

Thank you .. this is absolutely heart felt ...and I needed to get it off my chest ...thanks for the comment *hugs scribbles*

You are absolutely right sweetie.That's a great post really. *smiles and hugs you*

*high fives ak* ...=-)

right on kitti!

Thank you darling ... I am glad you liked it Tarq...=-)