P.edophilia, I.ncest, And Soiling Oneself Are Not Bad Things.

Ok, now that I have your attention, I mean that they are not inherently bad things. I agree with some of what you say about them, but let's disect your hates one by one.


Yes, having sex with a child is damaging for the child, in many ways, and I agree with most of what you people can say about this. However, most children raped and molested (yes, there's a difference), are not done so by pedophiles. Most pedophiles will never in their life touch a child, and they can't help feeling attracted to children. But if they only fantasize online to relieve themselves (because if you think most of these ****** stories are anything but fantasy, then you may be too gullible and naive to understand what I'm trying to say) and don't damage anyone else, well, what's it to you?
90% of child molesters are not pedophiles. They are not creepy old men looking for a w kid with a puppy or candy. They are people who see an easy way relieving their sexual needs with a child, and would probably do so with someone older, if they could find someone.


I agree, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, daughters (yes, daughters come on to dads too), sons, trying to have sex with someone in their family is unhealthy and damaging. However, 2nd cousins having sex and even having babies,what's the big deal? Even sexual experimentation between 1st cousins happens extremely often, specially if it's not someone you grew up with. There's even tests that can be carried out to know if cousins can have healthy babies.

People Soiling Themselves:

Well, Whythe f.uck do you care what other people are turned on by? Yes, I find it disgusting. I'm sure many of us find gay sex disgusting too, but I won't go around telling gays to stay the **** away from me unless they try to have gay sex with me. I find fat girls gross too, but who would think it's ok to tell them not to have sex, because you know, we can imagine themdoing it, and it's icky.

So, basically, if peopleare not damaging anyone, just let them do as they please. I'm pretty sure theres something each of you do which I and most other people would find disgusting.
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total agreement 100% (esp the 1st)

My, my, you've certainly hit a nerve here!

*raises hand*
Can I say something??
Iz - you ROCK!!!!
Oh and Jaunice or whatever your name is. Go beat off in a corner. You're a nasty ***.

Also, if anyone is sufficiently interested in learnining the genetic logic as of why degeneration is not the only possible outcome of inbreeding, let me know, I'll be happy to help.

Wow, bashing me over a spelling mistake? You can tell when someone doesn't have an argument against you when they start insulting you randomly and showing agression towards you, without comfronting your argument head-on. I mean I could mention, going through your stories, bunch ofreasons why I think you're rather dim-witted. But hey, I thought this place was about discussing things openly and trying to understand others.
Maybe feeling that hate ang agression is what gets you off? I guess you can goon then. I mean, people like whatever they like.

I speak 4 languages fluently as well, as well as 2 conversationally only. Again, if you could stay on the sobject, and attack my arguments head on, giving me something to think about, you're welcome to. If all you want to do is keep dispensing void insults, then I don't think there's anything any of us can get from this.

Try to control that anger, you'll damage your liver and stomach a lot.

"Also, "but I won't go around telling gays to stay the **** away from me unless they try to have gay sex with me"...that is exactly what everyone does on here. No one goes around to people who like to soil themselves and starts bashing them. Many people simply write on their profile that they are not interested in people who soil themselves...aka the exact same thing as you telling people off for wanting to have gay sex with you."

You are in a group completely dedicated to hating these people. There are stories here describing medieval torture methods some people have fantasized about using on them. Most of the members here think it is completely acceptable to encourage these people to kill themselves. So no, you do not act the same way towards these people than I do towards gays. I don't tell gays to stay away from me simply because they are gay. And I have never deviced any method to do a social purging of the gay and fat.

I can think of this study, off the top of my head:


Since that is the thing most of you seem the most concerned about. If it is ****** you are concerned about, one of my best friends, who is lebaneseif you care much about that, has been happily married with her 2nd cousin for 6 years, and have a healthy boy together.

You seem to love to insult anyone who disagrees with you, but none of you provides any counterarguments as to why it is you think what I'm saying is wrong, except that it goes against what you think.

As I said, the only people who I hate are the people who actively hurt others, and you all fall in that category. I hope you can learn to calm down, get informed, and take decisions from there. And I hope that in your witchhunt, you actually catch someone who is hurting someone else, and not only end up punishing a bunchof innocent people for having "bad thougts".

See you

I guess even ignorant people have a right to express their feelings. You couldn't be more wrong. Dumbass

This, & you are ridiculous.

...you are clueless...and sadly hilarious....

You're an idiot. Ok, now that I have your attention, I mean you're a ******* idiot.

No need for insults. Care to elaborate on why it is that I'm an idiot?