i never realised until reading some of the posts on EP quite how many people seem to have excrement fetishes of some sort.
Or maybe they all just congregate on EP?
All these pant peeing and pooping, diaper loving Freudian curiosities - I have read some of their stories in a sort of morbid fascination, then afterwards wished I hadn't, as I struggle to get the rather nauseating pictures out of my head.
Do these people just absolutely reek?
What about their homes and their clothes? Are they all stained and stinky?
And when they come across another person in the 'real world' who smells like a Glastonbury portaloo and think "ooh, sexy! This person must also have a [insert your excrement of choice] fetish" ?
Anyway, as unhygenic as that might be, that is their own choice, and between consenting adults as long as they are not doing anyone else any harm, then each to their own.

Far more disturbing are some of the rape, ****** and paedophile posts.
The child molesters and rapists *are* harming others and destroying lives. And the sickos who comment things like "that's hot" are encouraging them.
There must be something that can be done about it - to stop people from hurting others, especially children.
People can be tracked by their IP addresses. The internet is not as anonymous as some like to believe.
If the people doing these things are for real, they should be locked up.
I wonder who they can be reported to? If we don't know where these people are, what police can they be reported to?
It's all very well to flag the stories and have people blocked but the real problem is what they are doing, not that they are writing about it.
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I came across something else totally revolting on EP - someone found a used condom on their lawn and sucked back the contents (and got sexually turned on by that). Eeeeeeuuuuwww!!
I think I threw up a little bit on my mouth.