My Story

I was Molested by my Dad for 10 years ... started from when I was about, 9 years old Untill I was 19. went to Tharapy to Figure out why he did what he did. and to Figure out my Sexuality ..... Later at 19 .... I came out to myself and my family and friends as a Gay man..... the Sick Part of his was ... I really Enjoyed him ******* me .... I mean, I was a Virgin and that was my 1st Sexual Contact ..... I know really Sick ! ..... but, that is what Happend
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Hey, when I was 11 a man in the area su**ed me off. He normally wanted girls but this time he chose me. I could not c*m at the time but it did feel great. The scary part was he held me down and forced me a bit but soon he knew it felt good to me. I believe he jump-started my sex life but I went on to have normal male female relationships. Did I like it? Well, yes the feeling after the initial fear. He told me to come when I was called and I did. That summer I would go in after the first time and just pull my shorts down and lay back and let him. He really enjoyed it because he'd either stroke till he came or he'd put is between my legs and do it till he shot.I just think of it as an experience. He was a molester, that's it. My body just responded as it should. No guilt....

My heart bleeds for you. How did it carry on for so long? Was there no one that you could confide in?