The Point?

  I honestly think people are being too judgemental about this whole thing. NOBODy know's the truth except those two. Now i'm not saying that Rhi should have provoked him, if that's what really happened. I'm especially not saying that Chris should have hit her. But either way, I think people are making too much of a deal out of this. If this has been happening for a long time, then why wouldn't Rhi OR Chris have ended it? Also, if Rhi was provoking Chris, i'm not saing it's ever wrong for either party to hit the other, but a man can only take so much. If Rhi was being beat over a period of time, then a woman can only take so much.

  I think the whole thing is outta hand and a mess.

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wait a minute ( i always find a way to get confused with every conversation i get in)'ve been married TWICE?<br />
<br />
naw..mail time!

OH yes! In fact, I'm more in love with him now than when we married! :)<br />
<br />
All this drama happened when me and my hubby were seperated! But when he saw me all beat up, he wanted to go find him and kick His ***!!!<br />
<br />
It actually prompted our getting back together!! We don't take each other for granted anymore and I certainly realize what a wonderful man I had all along!<br />
<br />
Our marriage is stronger than it has ever been!!<br />
<br />
Maybe I needed to go through that to make me appreciate my husband and to find my own strength!!

deep deep deep deep deep down are you still in love with him..not the abusive man..but the one you married?

Ya, he plea bargained for probation! The bastard!<br />
<br />
Well, it lead up to that slowly......<br />
It started verbally and mentally and then it was a slap!<br />
Then a shove! Then the hair pulling, which led to the choking! After that is when he started using his fists!! <br />
<br />
I would have black eyes, he chipped my tooth, pulled clumps of my hair out! In fact, he would drag me around by my hair! I have a scar on my left arm from a cigarette burn. <br />
That last beating, I had to go to the emergency room because I couldn't breath (because of the choking) and the Doctors thought I had a torn windpipe so I had to have an MRI!!<br />
<br />
I finally said enough is enough!!!<br />
<br />
I haven't seen him since I faced him in court!!

:( 21 month probation for attempted murder...that's why sometimes i'm like F the justice system. <br />
<br /> like if u dont mind me did you react to the first beating/fight?

The last time he beat me!! He was strangling me so bad that I really, really thought I was going to die that night!<br />
He punched me and knocked me down to the ground and the proceeded to start kicking me! I was black and blue all over! <br />
<br />
He told me he was going to kill me! And if it wasn't for a neighbor hearing me scream, and calling the cops, I don't know what would have happened!<br />
<br />
He got 21 months probation!! *high five*

Oh gosh..<br />
Lol..i'm glad you can look back and laugh on the whole thing. I mean So i'm takin it (since u said more than one occasion) that you and him were together for a while. So what was your llike"wake up call" for you to leave him?

Oh hell no!<br />
His favorite thing was to choke me!<br />
<br />
Well, let me tell you, I have long fingernails, and I clawed the **** out him on more than one occasion!!! Lol<br />
<br />
It's hard to fight back when he outweighs you by a 100 lbs!<br />
<br />
But I would go at his face with my claws like a rabid squirrel!! Haha

were you the type of woman who would not fight back?

Thanks, but I'm fine now! :)<br />
<br />
My life is much better and a lot calmer.......<br />
........because I got rid of the ******* who was abusing me!

EXACTLY. <br />
LOL.. you poor thing! :(

Yes, the only reason they're making such a big deal about it, is because they're celebrities.<br />
<br />
Where was the big hoopla when I was getting My *** kicked??!!