Disgusted? No. Annoyed Beyonde Believe That I Want To Pull My Hair Out? Yes!

Disgusted? Who gets disgusted by being politely correct? Its not something to be disgusted by, its something to be annoyed by! Lets start out with midgets. First off, I like the word midget, because it sounds a hell of alot better than the term "little person". What the hell? Why would a 4 foot grown man want to be reminded that he is smaller than everyone else? Thats stupid! However, I decided to call them "Chibi's instead. It pretty much means the same thing as midget, except its not degrading, & its not a stupid name.

Now for black people (like me). If you were to refer to me as a "black guy", I will not be offended. The N word (the only bad word I will not spell), only if its another black person. I still think its wrong to say, but unless they use it for comedy reasons (& it better be funny), I don't like white people saying the N word. I however, don't like referring to black people by the term "African American" EVERY SINGLE TIME! I mean seriously, that phrase has WAY too many symbols in it!

1. "Af"
2. "ri"
3. "can"
4. "Ame"
5. "ri"
6. "can"

Compared to the phrase "black people"

1. "Black"
2. "Peo"
3. "ple"

Its shorter, & understandable!

Now native Americans, ironically due to the stupidity of Christopher Columbus, its kind of necessary to referee to then as such, so to not to be confused with the 7 eleven Indians
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"7 Eleven Indians"? Pretty racist, dude. They are Asian Indians. As for little people being reminded that they're smaller than everyone else, I suspect that's a function of walking out their front doors every day, yeah?

Oh. My bad dude. I didn't know what else to call them. Racist is the LAST thing I wanna be. Ok then, Asian Indians then!

Well, I can think of a couple of approaches here.

You can sort out Indians from India from Native Americans by referring to something that is culturally significant, and also something to be proud of. I usually refer to Corn or Curry, but someone else might use something different.

I also don't like the term "African American" because it confuses two ideas, only one of which is actually relevant. Just "African" works, but I refer to myself as "white" and have had little problem simply using the word "black" in reference to race. I've never had a black person express offense at that. The criticism, and suggestion to use "African American" has always come from a well-meaning white liberal...

...which is interesting to me because I *am* a well-meaning white liberal.

Also, "black" is a broader term than "African American" . . . the latter necessarily excludes black Canadians, black Brittons, black Australians (who are often not African at all), black French, etc.. Frema Agyeman, for instance, is not African American, but she is black.

I think political correctness stems from good intentions, but that the idea gets taken too far. Before becoming offended for someone, it might first be a good idea to find out if they are offended.

...and by all means, if I have offended you or anyone else, please speak up so I know.

Nope. You didn't offended me. To be honest, I didn't understand half the stuff you said! XD

Oh, LOL! Well, I guess I got too deep into it, then!

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