One Sick Publicity Stunt.

Okay, I am fuming.  This woman who has SIX children that live with her and her parents at her PARENTS' three bedroom house (six kids and three adults in a three bedroom is awful enough) decided to have eight embryos implanted.  They all took.  Now she has fourteen children.  She is not married, and her parents' house is wayy too small for the ones she already has.  Her poor mother was on tv talking about how she's overwhelmed with the kids that are already there.  The woman has to be in her late fifties, early sixties.  She has no business caring for her daughter's children.  This whole thing is just plain irresponsible.  It's one thing to have that many children when you can afford it and are living on your own.  Its another thing to knowingly become impregnated with eight babies, even just one baby, when you've already got six and cannot even give them a home.  I am digusted.  I believe that child protective services should step in here.  I think those fertility "experts" need to be investigated.  It's stingy and selfish that there are so many childless couples out there and this woman has wayy too many.  UGH!

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There was another massive story line posted here on this topic a while ago. So I won't go over the previous stuff, but in summary we have a situation where a persons who obviously could not provide a level of care was able to buy a procedure to have more kids. The argument is that if she can afford the procedure that's the end of it. also comparisons are made between junkies having piles of kids as being similar. It's not because the medical authorities do not have an opportunity to intervene in these instances but with this mother they could have intervened. If having the money is the only issue why don't we just buy piles of kids from around the world or even set up baby farms where we produce kids to order for those with the readies. There is a moral issue about a society that reduces the role of the parent to simply the ability to conceive with or without ivf.

I love Jon and Kate plus 8, but Kate is so ... whats the word ... Anal??? The good thing about that is I don't ever think she could lose one of those kids LOL ...

I just want to say all we know is what the media says. We don't know her. She can only have as much attention as we as a society are willing to give her. Whose fault is it really that she is getting so much publicity?

Yeah I know what you mean about Jon and Kate, they're always exhausted. I would hate to be them. It takes them an hour to get out the door with all those kids, I heard them say the other day. My biggest fear when I watch that show and they're in public is, what if they lose one?!? They live such highly publicized lives that someone might think, oooh those are the cute little Gosselin kids, I'm gonna take one! People in this world are sick and you never know.

It's so disgusting, it must be nice to pop out a bunch of babies and become a reality tv star and stuff. If you ever watch Jon and Kate plus eight, on the kids birthdays and Christmas their living room is full of packages from faithful viewers. Imagine if someone was mailing your kids presents so you didn't have to buy them anything. It would be so nice, wouldn't it? But the reality is, that's not reality. Normal people have to work their ***** off to just feed their kids. They don't get free gifts, let alone those vacations they get to go on. UGH!

I was wondering when someone would start talking about this on EP! I of course can't understand any one doing this, because I have chosen to have ONE child, and one only -and am very, VERY happy with that decision! That being said, yea, it's so irresponsible and just plain CRAZY! I mean, who would even WANT that? And the media is already turning her into a sort of a "star" due to all the media coverage she's getting - and I heard Oprah wants her to come on her show,and she has book deals offered know she expects to get a big house and a TV show, next..which she prob. will! Why does the media reward someone like this by making her rich because of her stupidity..when the rest of us are here struggling to make ends meet....makes you wonder about America!!!

You're right freespirit. I had custody of my two brothers when they were only two and three years old. It was crazy hard. I know that I could never care for eight two year olds at once, plus any of the older children, I'm not sure of their ages. I absolutely love children. I have enough names picked out to name at least twenty kids, but am I gonna have twenty? No! Because physically, mentally, emotionally, financially etc. I can't handle it.

adult oppositioal defince disorder good one that one actually made me laugh <br />
<br />
you think so because i have a differing opinion and no one said the things i stated were based on logic they are based on fact <br />
<br />
kids who are wanted and loved do better <br />
<br />
the mcoughys the dilleys, were all treated w/ respect and this woman is not <br />
<br />
what i stated was i am not a grammer nazi who crusifies people for spelling mistaakes and thaat this is a social networking site not a job application not a cover letter not business corispondence not even a claassified add which means no one should be coming down on people so hard for spelling <br />
<br />
i have never misspelled someones user naame or if i did i appologized

Exactly J21883, in order to adopt a child you have to meet several requirements, and she could not meet them. The doctors are just trying to play God these days. It's disgusting to me. It is child abuse. You are endangering your child's life by forcing them to be in the tight womb space with 4,5,6,7 etc. other children. They come out way too early, not ready for the world, hooked up to a thousand machines. It's sad.

marriedyetalone i have never told anyone i could spell or type but what i don't do or try not to do is miss spell user names <br />
<br />
you can think what you want but these kids are alive and thriving you missed that thats the mircal

I am more outraged at the doctors who performed this procedure on her than I am with the mother. There's always going to be crazy people who will do irresponsible, crazy things like this and this woman obviously is not right in the head. But WTF were thsoe doctors thinking?! They should have their licenses revoked. They should be made to support these kids.

This woman just makes me sick. I have one child and currently am the only one working in my household, and it is rough. I cannot imagine the difficulties of six let alone 14. <br />
She stated she wanted all these children because she was and only child. That is not the reason to have kids. She wants to feel loved, what happens when her kids grow up and relize what a nut case their mom was and resent her? <br />
She needs a psych evaluation pronto. I think people would be less disgusted by this if she worked, lived on her own and had the means to care for these children. Instead I am going to end up paying for these kids with my tax dollars. <br />
I know a lot of people who say why didn't she just adopt or foster? She couldn't. You have to be financially stable, have a sanitary house that will fit all of the kids, and have a way to actually care for them.

Currently there are over 500,000 children in foster care that need permanency. They are wards of the state that they live in....the government is footing the bill already for those children....if someone wants to grow their family....this is the way to do it. These are kids that need a family..... Unfortunately our society is geared towards selfishness and the thought that "we need a kid".....instead of the other way around.

I guess we could take the children and toss them n a dumpster. Maybe we could throw them out of a speeding car like they did 2 the baby n Texas. I hear they bounce pretty good. I hear foster homes r absolutely wonderful for children. They r guaranteed 2 get love an affection there. I hope u understand that I am being facetious. (Did I spell it right?) Believe it or not there was a time when communities raised children,not just the parents.. I do not think any of us really know the answer without knowing her. But next time u r at a sporting event take a look around u. And realize how much u r paying 2 watch something that has absolutely no real value n your life. When u r listening 2 Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity who get millions for opinions that r of no greater value than yours or mine,why don't we question that? I do not understand that either. And it has absolutely nothing 2 do with anything. I don't make millions and I am not the one who is going 2 have 2 breast feed all those mouths. Thank God I do not have 2 change all thoise diapers or listen 2 thier screaming. The good news is that out of all of those children I am sure a least one will grow up 2 play sports and then we can ta x the hell out of them. What goes round comes round. Imagine that

Hell! If she wanted them that bad she could have gone 2 Nebraska where people would drop children off at her doorstep. I do not pretend 2 understand it. Then again I have a hard time understanding simple things like "which came first,the chicken or the egg? I have been married 13 years and I still do not undestand why my wife said "yes". I think she said yes 2 keep me confused.Imagine that. This lady really does redefine the word unique.

She is just a selfish publicity hungry ***** and I thilk she needs a psych. evaluation pronto! As for any book or movie deals she may get, she will not be making any money from me on either one of them. I would not see any movie or read any book or magazine article about her and her stupid selfish stunt! this woman is SICK and should have ALL of her children taken from her and given decent homes with decent parentsAND she should be prohibited from having any more children for the state to support! Will I make any contributions to this *****? Hell no!! No one should, and anyone who does is just encouraging other fools to try the same stunt!

Just in case you weren't outraged enough, someone actually calculated how many tax dollars would be spent for eight premature babies over the ten weeks it would take them to get out of the hospital. The bill is somewhere around a cool million. When estimating how much welfare she'll receive in order to get those children up to age 18, the figure is 1.7 million. I wish these miracles came a little cheaper.

My mother had me at fifteen and was never on any kind of government aid because she believed that it was not the public's responsiblity to feed the children that she laid down and made. This woman is using her uterus as an assembly line, and who is going to pick up the tab? Other people. People who have children of their own, that in these tough economic times, are struggling to keep food on their own tables. I am baffled at who would willingly get pregnant, after already having six children, in the middle of an economic crisis. Of course there is the autistic child who requires more attention, which means, even if she only had two kids, the other would be a bit neglected at times. But she has FOURTEEN. So automatically they're screwed out of one on one parent time.

Class dismissed. Move along, nothing left to see here, folks.

How the hell did someone with six kids already, no stable partner (it doesn't have to be a man, it could just as easily be a woman or transgendered person) and six kids already get a doctor to agree to more invitro?<br />
How did she get six kids the first time?<br />
<br />
Tullick,<br />
Hand me downs don't justify this. You can't take what she's done back, but 14 kids without stability is ridiculous. <br />
And hand me downs are all these little babies are ever going to get.<br />
Hand me down attention, hand me down possessions and probably a hand me down life. <br />
<br />
Its pretty sad that a doctor agreed to do any kind of fertility treatment on a woman with six kids and no life. Fertility treatment should be like adoption, with screening processes and ethical considerations.<br />
<br />

zorbas first of all you would make a greater impression if you could spell a simple user name without messing it up <br />
<br />
i can't afford it i would never dream of doing what this woman did but i know many tax payers who would rather pay for these kids' needs than bailing out big banks paying for executive golden parichutes <br />
<br />
and my issue is no one bashed the other parents of multiples this way while this woman gets crusifed

And this is a GOOD thing?

Tulik ...if you think that this such a wonderful thing . You put your money where you mouth is. You pay for the costs of this woman's ridiculous behavior. The taxpayers on the hook again when many of us suffered in raising our two in troubled times.

(I admit, I haven't read through all of the comments, so if I repeat something, I apologize. )<br />
<br />
I think woman is being highly irresponsible. Seeing as how I come from a relatively large family myself and was raised by a single mother, I feel that I can safely say that this woman's choice to singlehandedly raise 14 children is a selfish one. <br />
Its more about a woman wanting a family than being concerned about how she's going to care for them. Having children is more than wanting or loving them (although that's definitely a good place to start). Its about seeing to the quality of their lives...and making sure that its a good one.

i think it is a mricle because these are the 1st surviving set of octuplets

Wow, Tulick, I can't believe that you defend this as being a miracle. Birth is a wonderful, fantastic thing and I'm happy to have been involved with a couple of them, but it's a miracle that happens 134 million times every year. Artificially implanted octuplets isn't a miracle, it's an aberration with no greater godliness than an abortion. Your argument is the perfect example of sacrificing quality of life in exchange for quantity of life. You seem to think that more births makes a better world, even if we're reduced to cannibalism because of it. Now I'm questioning YOUR sanity.

where are people getting this emotionally unstablr crap Dr. Phil?

by having a genuine love and want for children is a start and it does a LOT of good

But let's ignore reality and rejoice in the miracle of life! A miserable one being raised by a single mom who's clearly unstable emotionally and financially.... but hey it's a miracle!

She also seems like she's a bit of a retard and suffering from some serious issues, so that's a HUGE start, too.

<br />
but the dilley's were <br />
the Mcoughys were <br />
the goslins WERE <br />
<br />
and now it seems that the novelty for the public has warn off and we are thowing ithis woman AND HER KIDS under the bus <br />
<br />
no i don't have kids no i don't care for them but my mother treated me like **** i see teens on this site who tell horrible stories about their inattentive parents in all of the video of this woman and her kids she seems like a loving parent which is a HUGE start

I go farther than marriedyetalone. I do hate this woman. And I hate that she is getting the fame and eventual money that she will get. She isn't getting the scorn she deserves from the national media.

well the world is so busy hating her they missed the fact that it is a miricle these kids are alive and you all MISSED it because you don't like how they got here <br />
<br />
it seems the novelty has warn off for the world and thats the REAL problem

I'll admit that this woman is obviously not living in the same reality as the rest of us. Loving a child takes more effort than just WANTING them to be happy and near you. That kind of selfish love regularly results in children who are malnourished and neglected. <br />
<br />
If we didn't have a society that valued quantity of life over quality of it, then having fourteen children with no visible signs of support would be nothing short of criminal negligence. These are children, not stuffed animals to be collected.

When I saw the bedroom that the six older kids share I was appalled. They have no choice in the matter, and neither does her poor old mother, and that's not fair. Then you see her on tv all smiles because I don't think it's hit her that she's got fourteen, because right now NICU nurses are taking care of the babies.

I don't see how tulick defends this stupid and troubled woman. She already owes her existence to state aid and the free daycare of her mother in that small house. For the record, I have been outraged at all of the other cases where she says there was no outrage. It's disgusting, all of these cases. I don't care if you're as rich as Bill Gates. People should not be able to have more than 2 or at the most 3 children because that is replacement. Our world is already overpopulated. If you want/need that many kids then adopt some already, there are millions of foster kids with no parents. <br />
<br />
This entire story and all others like it make me sick to my stomach.

Well put urban and married!<br />
<br />
This is a social and ethical wrong. Wrong on the part of the "mother" and wrong on the part of the doctor who helped her conceive. The woman, in my opinion, is metally ill. She feels lonely so she wants more children? I that a reason to have kids? If you cannot bring up children in an environment that is adequate for their well being and development..don't have kids! <br />
I agree with chris as weil.. who is going to end up paying for all these kids? Taxpayers. <br />
It is one thing to have many children, naturally conceived, over many years, but this is a diffent matter.

Um, I am the farthest thing from perfect, but I'm surely not dumb. Also, I don't hate her, I don't hate anyone period. I just think her decision was irresponsible.

I can't imagine. It was a difficult decision for me to decide to have just one more child when I had one with a disability. It isn't fair to any child to have to share the one parent they have with 13 other siblings. There is only so much mom to go around.

well may all of you always be perfect i still say this woman is better than most parents in that she WANTS and loves her kids where most people don't <br />
<br />
those babies will be in the hospital for 2 months she has that time to figure out what she needs to do <br />
<br />
and the only ones who are crazy are all of you who hate her and are sooooo busy hating her you missed the wonder that their are 8 little living wonders who have defied the odds already

See, I didn't even know one of her children had a disability. That just makes it even worse because that child will not get what he needs. You'd think that instead of blowing all the money getting pregnant with babies she didn't need, she would've invested in things to help her child's autism, like special therapy or something. And you know they are all living off of medicaid and stuff. It should be illegal to have those types of procedures when the woman can't afford the children and is planning on living off of government help.

One of this womans children (I think he is 2) has autism. The tremendous amount of special care a child with autism needs is something I know well. Time will tell what sort of special need her 8 newborns have, the risk is very high for multiples born that premature. <br />
<br />
There is no question that it is irresponsible for anyone to have children they cannot afford to care for, and no one person can spread themselves thin enough to care for 14 children under the age of 7. That is just a fact. This woman is at best a few bricks shy of a load. It was a monumentally foolish and irresponsible act to even have one more child when you have 6, one with special needs already, and live with your parents. In the end, the children will suffer.

the mcoughys had volunteer help same w/ the nigerian born woman ones of whom's babies died <br />
<br />
the dilleys figured it out <br />
<br />
this woman will too

Well the only reason all you see is outrage at her is because her babies were just recently born. The other popular famililes with tons of kids received their share of scrutiny as well. That is the reason Jon and Kate say they decided to do their show, because people were always bashing them and they wanted to show the world how their life works. But if you have ever watched Jon and Kate plus 8, you'll see that they, as two parents working together, have a hard time. One woman with fourteen, I don't see how that is feasible. Her parents are going to die and I honestly don't know what man would take on a woman with fourteen kids. Brad Pitt is already taken LOL

well like it or not the kids are here and in case everyone missed it 8 babies were born and are healthy as far as the doctors know

I agree with your outrage in this story. Problem is, this is getting to be accepted behavior. She will no doubt be looking to our government to take care of her, and our government will no doubt take on her responsibilities.

well i don't know why the kids have eye problems <br />
<br />
2 of the mcoughy septuplets have cerbral palsy but i don't see the mass outrage <br />
<br />
i don't see the outrage at ANYONE else just her

I am usually not judgmental in the choices of others....however.....I find this situation sad and irresponsible on many levels. urbrand is correct that the likelihood of these babies suffering lifelong health issues is a certainty...I can also assure you that they will have lifelong attachment and emotional issues. Which not only affect them personally BUT affect all of the other relationships that they have in their lifetime and which ultimately affects SOCIETY. It is not feasible for a single mother to attend to the needs of 14 children....and potentially some of those with special needs....and give each child the attention that they need and deserve and frankly require..<br />
I work with many parents that are suffering infertility....what they would not give to have just ONE baby, one child .....I am frustrated with the lack of justice in this .....and the irresponsibility of the mother and the doctors

I know exactly what you mean marriedyetalone. Having that many children is just plain selfish, even if you have all the money in the world. But especially if you don't. My father and his young girlfriend are crackheads, literally, and they had their first three, all born addicted to crack (my baby sister had to stay extra time in the hospital to come off of it). Eventually, after attempting to sell my brother to a crack dealer, their mother gave them away, the boys to me and the girl (three months old at the time) to my aunt. During the time we were dealing with social services and I was only eighteen with custody of my brothers, they were on drug binges all the time, living the great life, my dad got the girl pregnant again! A few months later, after another of their domestic disputes, she had him arrested. He went to prison from July to November. During this time she gave that baby up for adoption. It caused my family alot of pain because that was our blood relative that she gave away when she shouldn't even have been pregnant in the first place. Now she's asking my dad to have more. They don't have a house, jobs, or custody of the kids they already have. It is so sickening. No, this woman with all these children isn't like my dad and his gf but she could've at least waited until she could provide them with a good life. Hell, even if she lived in a two bedroom apartment on her own, that would be alot better than her using her aging mother as an on call nanny. I saw the woman on tv today and she's going crazy with the other six, since her daughter is at the hospital with her SICK premature babies. They're all in incubators. They will most likely suffer health issues all their life. Even Jon and Kate's kids have eye problems from being born so early. It's not fair to an unborn infant that they are robbed of necessary time in the womb to develop.

well i can tell you this she is a step above most anymore in the fact that she WANTS her kids there are a number of teens on this site who's parents are really selfish alchoholcs in some cases who don't love care or give their kids any attention <br />
<br />
the Dilleys the mcoughys all of them have done indoresements and such in part to pay for raising these kids so why are we bashing this woman because she is single? <br />
<br />
one of the advantages of having 6 already is the hand me down clothing old toys that can be given to the younger kids defering some of the cost <br />
<br />
no one bashed the dillieys the macoghys in fact in the latter case they were in not apluaded for their choice not to selectively reduce (ie abort some of them) to make the pegnacy safer she chooses to keep her kids and she's off in the head <br />
<br />
we condone abortion in this country without a reason why does this woman need to explain her actions she is no worse than the drug addicted parent who has 5-6-8 kids over her life with multiple partners with the chance of disese but in fact better <br />
<br />
this womaan is not being sexually iresposible she is not taking a chanced that her children will be effected by an STD and they were not born addicted to drugs

I agree with you marriedyetalone. Of course now she'll be rich because they'll give her a book and movie deal, then TLC will arrange a reality show to follow her and her children around. I admit I love watching the Duggars and the Gosselins. Now, the Duggars have always managed their finances responsibly and did not have children that they could not afford. The Gosselins, however, got pregnant with the sextuplets when they could not afford them, they even said the day they found out was the worse day of their lives because they didn't know what to do. I don't think they should have had the procedure at that time in their lives, given the fact that Jon didn't have a job then. But now they're doing alright (I'm sure profits from the show help). And even though I like those shows, I just don't think it's fair to all the children involved. The Duggars are a sweet family but I notice that alot of the responsibilties of caring for the younger ones fall upon the older kids, and that's not right.

Well I mean, I understand people who cannot conceive by natural means and need help, but after six, if you don't have a home of your own and all six are crammed into one bedroom, then you shouldn't continue getting knocked up. Plus, how can you possibly give that many children adequate quality time? And yes she's getting a book deal, all of those families (The Gosselins, Dilleys, Duggars) use the number of children they have for profit. So that doesn't surprise me.

why the heck is everyone bashing this woman <br />
<br />
there were the dillly sextuplets the macoughy septuplets <br />
<br />
the set of twins then set of 6 born to the family now featured on TLC john and kate plus 8<br />
<br />
their are woman who have given birth naturally to a toltal of 14 or more children aa woman just featured in the TV guide in the last month who gave birth to her 18th <br />
<br />
and apparently according to reports 6 embreos were implanted and and 2 became twins to say nothing of the father got it right when he said she did not try to have 8 more kids only 1 more <br />
<br />
the woman paid for the treatments somehow which are not cheep plus she's getting book deal offers and such so i reaally don't think this woman will be or is that desitute