A Horrible B

 I am grossed out by this living human termite queen and her reckless syphoning of taxpayers money! Not to mention using innocence as gain in her favor. I am disgusted!

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6 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Ms Thang has mental problems for sure. Like those who hoard animals. I feel sorry these people and at the same time am mortified by them! Someone should have stepped in long ago. I can't believe that Dr. could do this and get away with it! I have a feeling he was playing mad scientist.<br />
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Each baby is an individual and deserves a chance at a decent life, to grow up whole with a caring and responsible family. I see and know of children in single family homes who are living in deplorable conditions. One sad life is enough!

Turns out he was a hypocrite in regards to the hippocratic oath.

Drs, take an oath that says "First in all cases, do NO HARM" How can anyone who reviews this say that the DR did not harm this woman, it is obvious she is mentally unstable.........which means she could not rationially make a decision and with her obvious medical history of prior births.....the Dr. should have said "no"......it shows you that many Drs., other than being medically trained, are no different than any other profession.........

stillsleeping, I agree that the doctor is disgusting.

The lady obviously has mental issues. I'm simply saddened for her and her children. The doctor who implanted her is the disgusting one.

I hope that doctor loses his license, he reminds me of those ambulance chasing attorneys who sue anyone.<br />
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The doctor already knew that lady had 6 other children, but just wanted to get paid.