The babies are here. You would believe all the help offered would be taken and appreciated. NO!  Nadia rejected FREE care ..professional care. It would be about   $130, 000  per month for free nursing care. She must be holding out for?  God knows what!  Her home is a mess..not fit for her needs , let alone children. Crowded and unclean. I think she tries to believe the BS that comes out of her mouth. She also turned down free diapers and baby food available for a YEAR!   This was offered from Gerber's baby food company. She strikes me as dishonest, mentally and emotionally ill. I hope she takes advice and  digs this family out of a bad situation. The babies are so sweet and certainly  need help!

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And there's the repugnant Hollywood ending to her journey for fame & fortune. Consideration for the well being of the first second third...sixth child should have been priority #1.<br />
<br />
And it is all attributed to the corrupt doc who allowed her to receive IVF. There is supposed to be primary conditions met and protocol to follow. He abused it. These children will suffer for it. I hope they are all placed in good homes that can support their special needs for the long term. She should be held accountable for criminal negligence in how she's subjected the first 6 to exist, who don't welcome the infant litter to live with them; in whatever residence they take up after the house is foreclosed March 1 for back payments of $25G (about the cost of this IVF for this pregnancy). Ludicrous.

I can't believe she was a candidate for IVF.Low income, no partner,housing issues, 6 very young children and financial problems.She said she took a second job to pay for the procedure..Thousands & thousands of dollars too.That's how badly she wanted to be pregnant.Meanwhile the rent wasn't being paid to her Mom . Now the home is close to foreclosure..The second job would have bought a lot for the 6 little ones.Would have kept a roof over their heads. The interior of the home is very run down. I saw on CNN a 6 figure deal is being put in the works, for her story. I hope the babies do well and all are 100% cared for.

I may sound rude and smug, but if you can't afford them don't have them. The tax payers are footing the bill. They knew her situation before this procedure why they would allow this is beyond me. I just find this whole thing ridiculous. I can understand her not taking the free stuff, because it would affect her welfare. To me she is selfish, she wants what she wants regardless of the outcome. To me she is not thinking about those babies, or else she would have made sure she had the finances to support them.

I understand the desire to have kids. I would love to have ten more. Just seeing all those babies makes me long for a tiny little child of my own. <br />
<br />
But the reality of my situation is that I can barely handle the two that I have. The only support I have is my husband and my father occasionally. I couldn't deal with another. Nor could I bring another child into the world with my finances as they are. I have money, but not enogh to put another through school and whatnot. <br />
<br />
But the kids are here. Maybe they'll at least serve the purpose of getting some things looked at as far as assistance in CA. <br />
It makes me happy that the government will help someone pay for a child to get here. If someone is uninsured, I'm sure it's amazing that they can still have a child. But fourteen is a little much to expect the government to support for their lives, in my opinion.

Personally I needed to vent. I'm not standing on her doorstep and am equally horrified a neighbor drove by her place with a shotgun (911 call).<br />
<br />
The truth is she had no business getting IVF with no means of support from the start. And she's a full time student and has had facial augmentation. Her first brood isn't faring so well and 1 is autistic. The new litter will be ill and riddled with difficulties for years to come. Time will tell if she does right by them or has them taken away.Sad.

It is so sad. The litter is so heartbreaking, life support, brain damage, etc. I don't understand how the medical profession didn't have 1 person along her 8 year journey in reproduction to stand on the side of ethics and a sense of what is right. She should never have been a candidate to receive IVF at all, let alone 7 times.

Yes, " for her kid's", is the main point. I agree 100%. She didn't jump on it either. She's being mighty slick!

That must be it..It seemed calculating to me.The reasons will certainly be revealed soon. Sad and terrible on so many levels.

If she accepts donations/charity, she would be fraudulently accepting the state and federal money she relies on. Can't imagine that it would be more but will last longer than her 15 minutes of fame will gather in charity. Once her story is out of the headlines, the flooding donations will ease up. Then where would she be? No public assistance programs, no charity...she'd be forced to be employed.