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When it comes to child rights, I tend to get a little hot-headed, so I'm gonna remain calm and refrain from getting angry. She is just beyond horrible. My heart goes out to those poor children that she just cannot take care of. What do you think a publicist costs?! How about those lip injections?! No human being on earth has natural lips that look like that!

What of the poor children?! Please, I wish they would be saved from her!

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No house or place can be worse than where those little guys are going to! <br />
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Drcynic: you have a LOVIng heart, you are kind and have a terrific mind! You will be a FANTASTIC dad. <br />
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Those little guys should be adopted by any number of couples who would love to have a child to give their love to.

Maybe she can live in Detroit. The average price of a home in Detroit has fallen to $18,000. She can probably find a way to get that much money. She seems to have no problem paying for the multiple $30,000 IVF treatments. Maybe she'll have some more?

I agree I think she's trying to get all the hand out she can,and I wouldn't be surprised if some university didn't offer her a free education yet!

Not many houses are...especially not the kind you can get with no income or assets.

Yeah, it was just extremely stupid of her. She already had six kids. She's a single mother living off her own mother with multiple unpaid mortgages and no job. Plus she wants to get a degree in college? How the hell does she think she's going to pay for college while taking care of the six kids she already had? And now eight more? She's insane and stupid. Her mom's house isn't even big enough for that many kids.

Drcynic this sick woman is just basking in her 15 mins of fame! She is on entertainment tonight EVERY night. Just soaking up the camera time, doing anything to keep the spotlight on her. I heard that she decided to keep these children because she thought that she'd get handouts from companies and stuff, like for diapers and formula, etc.

If you are classified as "Morbidly Obese" they have the right to refuse you, even though I am in good health.

Do they specify how much you have to weigh? That's wrong... If you want to care for a child and are stable enough to do so, you should be able to.

I would like very much to be a dad, I think. I like little kids. I could afford to provide for a child, most certainly. I could provide love. I could provide a stable enough home. I am a responsible individual. I pay my taxes. I do everything I'm supposed to do. It's not fair that I can't at least down the road adopt because of what I weigh.

It never seems fair that the people who want kids desperately can't have them and the ones who have tons of babies on welfare don't want them. I'm not bashing welfare because I was on it when my daughter was a baby but enough is enough. If you can't afford one why have more?

I totally agree with you. I feel so bad for those children.

I would adopt them if this stupid state would let me... But NOOOOOOOOOO! I'm morbidly obese!... I can't have a child to love and care for!

Makes me want to adopt a couple of them and bring them up in a stable and loving environment.