Having children is a choice. With that choice comes a responsibility to put the needs of your children before your own. And, I'm sorry, but there is no way in hell that a sane woman would make a conscious decision to have another child (much less eight) under the conditions that Nadya has done so. It would have been slightly different had the pregnancy/ies occurred naturally (i.e., not through IVF) and she simply decided not to abort for whatever reason. She would still (in my mind) be irresponsible, but the pregnancy would not have been something that she actively sought out.

That is not what happened. To my mind, she consciously made a decision that not only ignored the needs of her existing children, it put them in jeopardy. I was raised by a single mother and I am more than familiar with the financial burdens that come with raising a family on one income. Nadya has none. And, her earning potential without a degree would be a pittance of what she'd need. And yet, she thought this was a suitable situation in which to bring another child into the world? Simply put, the woman is sick. (I don't mean to say that in an insulting or derogatory manner. I truly believe she is mentally ill.)

That being said, I also lay a large portion of the blame upon the shoulders of her doctor. Its unfathomable to me how one in the medical field could perform such a procedure on an unstable patient without compunction. Its morally reprehensible.

I've seen it argued that the good thing about Nadya is that she wants and loves her children. I guess I can believe that. Personally, I don't think any of her actions up to this point exhibit that supposed love and concern, but I'm not going to deny that it could be there. Perhaps I should explain that last statement. To me, a parent who truly cares about her children would, ideally, make sure that her children's needs are met or at the very least, a priority. By having more, I think Nadya is doing neither. I think she's discarding the needs of her children and is actually harming them.

Which, is why I think her children should be taken from her. At this point, its no longer about whether or not this woman 'deserves' aid. The fact of the matter, is that she and her children need it. Should the situation have occurred? No. But we're not discussing what should've happened, we're discussing what did happen. Her children need the security and stability that their mother cannot provide and she, simply put, needs mental help.

There are a lot of arguments concerning how Nadya's actions and family make her a drain on the economy...and to an extent, they're absolutely correct. However, the thousands of con artists and women having children specifically to cheat the system out of money are no more a drain on the economy than Nadya and her children. So, from that perspective, the public is going to pay either way. And, since my concern would be how those children are going to be cared for, I genuinely think that they need to be taken from their mother. Keeping any of the 14 in that environment...its not healthy.

Personally, I see child services as the ultimate last resort, but this family's situation is pretty much a last resort kind of situation. Mostly because Nadya couldn't properly care for those children even with aid. Why? because she is not well. Its wonderful that she love her children, or at least says she does. But, she has shown that she's so obsessed with having more, that the needs of her living children are not being considered. Those kids deserve far better and obviously, their mother cannot give that to them.

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I have two children, that is what we felt we could support at the time. And there were times it was a struggle to raise them. I would have loved a house full of kids, but a responsible parent has to consider the welfare of the child. This woman really needs mental help and the doctor should have his or her license pulled!

Tiny- The comparison of Nadya's behavior to a young child and her puppy is exactly spot on. Being a mother is so much more than merely wanting your children. Yes, its a good starting point, but when you have 14 kids, you need to be beyond that point...and Nadya clearly isn't.

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Kleisse- Exactly. The kids and how they're going to grow up is the concern now.<br />
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See the nail, right there? You pulverized it. On the head.

You raise many valid points, which means you can probably expect to get bombarded by tulick's gang as a hater.

I agree with your entire story. I feel like a broken Helen record but I say again, "Won't someone PLEASE think of the children??"