Vomits In Mouth

Okay, I've already made it fairly well known how much I dislike this woman and am deeply disturbed by her actions, but today I found out that she is trying to sell the tape of the birth of her octuplets for a profit...I almost projectile vomited all over my tv.

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spelling errors are disturbing.<br />
<br />
Octoidiot getting a reality show: more disturbing.<br />
<br />
Anyone who finds it a blessing from GOD- most disturbing of all.

wow....thats desturbing :/

I could not agree more. Censorship is really the only think I don't like about this website. We need to reclaim this website as our own! Lol.

Yeah, I agree too. But quitting gives in to the bullshit pressures and I think we on the fringes should fight back to keep EP from becoming right wing republican christian site! DAMMIT, I hate that a few idiot bullies chase off really good people of integrity on EP.

Too much censorship here :/<br />
<br />
I agree to a degree, it is a little ridiculous

Lol, as do all of us. I'll cross my fingers :)

I've sent her a PM hoping she may reconsider leaving. I LOVE BETTYV!!!!

I know, that's a terrible thing. Her comments were always great. She had some good one's in Tulick's plagiarized stories, lol

INfuckinDEED, Lacey.<br />
<br />
I even went back through the other stories in this group including mine and the plagiarized repost of it by Tulick. Man, all those comments. Most of hers were voted thumbs down so much they are blocked now. Truly one ****** up individual.<br />
<br />
I am sad BettyValentine may quit EP bcz that will delete her comments everywhere and on that thread.

lol, they'd make a good team :P

I felt sad for T throughout that thread. One sad, lonely, hateful woman. I tried to remember she has the mentality of a messed up teenager. When I first went to her profile, I realized she has real problems, "hates all people", is angry and has mental difficulties. She wants to be figured out and understood and that part was saddest of all. Though she lashed out at everyone, held steadfast to her ridiculous stance ad did not, would not incorporate any real info about Octomom into her opinions. ICKY, I wanna go shower now.

I honestly think that she just likes trying to get under our skin because she knows she's wrong and, let's face it, borderline retarded. It is indeed very sad. Lol.

Yes, I witnessed the notorious Tulick scandal. Her argument was completely ridiculous. I don't know how she could think that she didn't plagiarize your article. What a dense woman.

completely repugnant. i'm still wiping off my keyboard. my story in this group is lengthy and even got plagiarized! 350 comments between the 2 posts. hot topic for sure. i've refrained from posting updates but i throw up a little bit in my mouth each time i see her and the litter on the news.

disturbingly so