Not Normally Political.....

I am normally anti-political. I try to stay out of it and let things fall as they will. I do vote, and I research each issue or candidate prior to voting. I even voted for Barak Obama, much to my despair.

I have watched, over the last several months, the complete disaster that is currently befalling this country. The health care debate, the job debate, the foreign policy nightmare (primarily with Iran), and all of the other quasi-normal shenanigans of the politicos. I am dismayed at where we are as a nation. This president and his cronies have mad a complete mockery of us as a nation. Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and all of the others are turning us into a nice little Socialist Republic. I am beginning to doubt that President Obama even knows how to be honest. He lied his way through his candidacy and he continues to lie today. He is attacking anyone and everyone that disagrees with his all for one policies. His behavior over the past months during the health care debate is deplorable. He is acting like an arrogant child. One simply has to look at the picture of him with his feet on the Resolute Desk to see his arrogance. The most powerful men the country has ever seen have sat behind that desk. It is a symbol of office just as much as the seal and he sullies it with his feet, during a meeting with his betters.

Sorry, that was a bit of a rant.

The point is, no matter your political affiliation, be it Democrat or Republican, or Independent we MUST resolve to undo the damage this FOOL is doing to this country. He and his ilk are selling us to other nations. He. Has. No. Right.

Please, when time arises to vote again vote to eliminate this problem.

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I can promise you this. If this turns out different then I expect and I am shown to be wrong I WILL vote with you. I'm not a rabid conservative. I'm more of a rabid 'don't screw me over' person.

I respect you too. The bottom line is that there is nothing much we can do but wait three years to see how things work out. If it is as bad as think then I will vote with you. <br />
If things are better thenwhen Bush was voted out then I hope you will vote with me...DD

Thank you for your post. I will respectfully disagree on the obama thing. He is the worst thing to happen to us in a very long time. Healthcare will Not work. It has failed in every country that has tried it. Talk to a German, Englishman, or Canadian. They have struggled with the systme for years and it has failed to serve the public completely. Our freedom is at stake. I voted for Obama also. We were all lied to from the beginning. He has FAILED to come through on anything he promised to this country. He uses strong arm tactics and lies to get what HE wants. Even when the American people state that they do NOT want it. This new system is a great benefit for those living in poverty. The problem is that they are the only ones to benefit. Everyone else will suffer. Why should the majority suffer for the minority. I work hard for my health care. I educated myself and I have a great career. I've paid my dues. Have they?

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It truly is the mess that the Republicans and Bush got us into that I said…“…we MUST resolve to undo the damage this FOOL is doing to this country.” That is the reason I voted for Obama.<br />
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I have studied the issues too and I find that it is impossible to KNOW how this new Health Care is going to work. There is a lot of scare PR being put out as “facts” that cloud the “truth.” I think we should see how the plan works out in reality before we judge<br />
Obama on this and other issues that, again, Bush and the Republicans have got us into. <br />
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Remember it was Bush that that invaded Iraq. I still don’t understand that one!? <br />
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Remember we had NO dept when Clinton left the office. (Ha! I really don’t understand why people got so upset just because he got his **** sucked.) Remember we got into deep dept because of Bush and the Republicans. Plus it was there policy of minimal oversight that aloud the stock market to go south.<br />
<br />
(5.) Saying all the above I still like your sincere efforts to deal with a very complex issue.<br />
Hang in there brother…DD