Some of the Groups On Ep.....

   Maybe I'm too prudish or old-fashioned for this site. I am disgusted by all the groups talking about ******* on people, furniture and what have you. I don't like seeing groups that are in for ********** and want to their wives to have sex with other men or women in front of them....

  Chances are I'm reacting due to my upbringing and my sexual past. It just makes me nervous. I actually get anxious whenever a guy adds me as a fan because I never know if I'm letting someone into my circle that is expecting something sexual out of me. I'm sorry but I've been put in the position a few times & I don't want to be put in it anymore.

  Somedays when I REALLY need to get some stuff out of my head, I'm actually nervous about coming on here for fear of what I'll see when I look at the group page. I know it's my problem, but I wish sometimes that I didn't feel so inhibited and fearful of what I'm going to find here. Sometimes, I'm just a bit fragile emotionally & can't handle seeing sexual things in front of me.... Especially explicit pictures. It just makes me feel shattered. It hurts me, because those are the times when I really need my friends on EP & I can't stay on because I see something like that & have to logout again because it makes me sick....literally sick to my stomach. The fear and anxiety.......You have no idea!

So now you all know just how nerdy and introverted I actually am. Time will tell if you hold it against me or not.... I try not to judge by what others want or do but I guess I just wish that they wouldn't be so explicit in their talking. I wish it didn't make me feel so uncomfortable. I'm sorry

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Thanks for your honesty, my wife too, is very prudish, old fashioned call it what you will, for some reason most men seem to accept sex as normal.

Before I read any other comments from others, can I assume you have set your account to block explicit content? You don't have to deal with that stuff if you don't want , and you can change the settings anytime:)

Plenty of times on the Internet in general have had the same problem, but I want nothing to do with it, so I just ignore and move on and leave them to it. Im pretty old fashioned In many respects, if other people wanna do that kinda thing with one another fine, just leave me outta it.

Doesn't make you a nerd or anything else just because you have respect for yourself.

forgive forgive forgive yourself

I thought I had found a really good friend here on EP until after two or three letters to each other he was all set to meet me and make all of my wildest dreams come true!! I mean come on, if thats what I wanted I would have joined one of those groups......what made me feel really dirty was the fact that I had shared some really personal stuff and now I feel really betrayed.. Oh well, his loss I suppose.

You are not a nerd. Nobody likes to open their mail and see ****, or click on a link and find nasty pics. If they do, they don't belong here (in my opinion.) EP is not a **** site and shouldn't be used as such. Thank you for posting this. I agree with everything you said.

There's a time and place for everything. How often has someone needed a hug, and instead they got a come-on? You feel betrayed when you need an understanding human to make you a cup of tea, but what you get is a stark-raving horn-dog. And that's a bad thing, it's just not the right time. Just proves how you need to choose your friends wisely.


I always just click away from all that sort of stuff. I guess they have a right to do their own thing, it's just not for me so I move on. I understand your apprehension of adding people though. It can take a while for someone's true intentions to come through. There's always some risk I guess. But there's is also the chance that the next person you add will become a great friend. For me that is always worth the risk.

Why don't you block adult content? Then you won't have to see it.