Mourning a Legend.

As soon as I heard Michael was dead, I was in shock.  It wasn't long before the news broke here on EP and it spread like wildfire.  People began posting groups, stories, confessions, and questions.

Well, the Q&A section is famous for it's constant religious cat fights.  It is really enough to make me begin avoid that section.  Someone asked a question about why people were mourning a *********.  One of the first answers was someone who said, "Typical Christian..."

I've noticed this person here before.  They basically do nothing but dwell on how they hate, hate, hate Christianity.  I don't know how you could be eaten so badly alive with hatred for something, but somehow manage to dwell on it every single day of your life.

But anyways, my point in this story is:

I am a Christian.  I believe there is a God, Jesus, the whole nine.  I have multiple bibles in my home, every member of my family is a God fearing individual (not the "scary religion pushers", mind you).  But when I heard the news of his death, I was so saddened.  My mom cried, my sister did, my dad called me like we'd just experienced a death in our family.

We are Christians, and not one of us has uttered the word "*********".  So how in the world can someone be so ignorant to just take millions of people and put a sticker on them.  Like, Oh they're Christians, they hate Michael Jackson because they are Christians.  Who knows if the poster of that question even was a Christian??  Who knows if some of the many of people who are saying he was a ********* are not atheiests??

Why in God's name are you so hell bent on having an argument you will NEVER win, and manipulating a tragedy into a religious spat??

I personally, am disgusted by this.  It is one thing to have an opinion that Michael Jackson harmed children.  It is another thing to try and warp that debate into another one of your HATE rants.  It has nothing to do with anything!

I have come to the conclusion that every single person who gets on here and argues, and incessantly (I don't mean debates a few times, I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY gets on here and does this) attacks people due to their religious-or lack thereof-beliefs should be banned from EP.  It's like a Kindergarten classroom.  Here is some advice, grow up, and get a hobby!

Quit wasting energy obsessing over something that you claim to despise, do something good for this world.  Also, the Christians here who fuel their fires.  They need to be banned.  They cause the arguements.  You have no right to ask someone why they are not Christians, it is none of your business!  Leave well enough alone.

Michael will forever remain in my heart as a great performer and legendary icon.  That is all that matters right now.

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3 Responses Jun 26, 2009

There have been a lot of insensitive comments about MJ ever since news of his death broke out.

It really is essential to having a peaceful life! I don't know why, but EP has become nothing but a battleground.

We do.