Jealous So You Kill a Child??

Today this man was taking a woman and a child to a pool party.  The child was the daughter of the boyfriend of his ex wife.  So, in order to "get the guy back", when the EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD got out of the vehicle, he put her in a head lock and shot her twice in the head.  An eight year old.  A child.  Two shots and her brains blown out.  Because her daddy was dating a woman with a psycho ex.

F**ing disgusting.

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Yet when I say such scum should get the death penalty people say: it's inhumane. Oh sure, but it's human for him to kill a friggin 8-year-old because he was jealous. It's a normal human emotion, they say.
How are they going to get him out of this? Mentally challenged? Abused by psycho parents or retarded ex? 2 months in the slammer then out for GOOD behavior?
This planet has drowned so far beneath the surface I'm almost certain no one can ever bring it back out.

This infuriates me. He deserves some form of torture, the sick bastard.

He'll get what's coming to him then ******* scum

:(......... * speechless *

I'm in shock... solitary is too good for this disgusting piece of crap.

Yeah they'll have to throw his *** in solitary just like Casey Anthony.

There are a lot of vicious bastards in this world. Luckily (or unluckily for him) the VBs in prison frown on other VBs in for crimes against children. In some max security prison, there's a sharpened toothbrush with his name on it.

Me too, it just frightens me to think of people acting like that.

I am so glad this is a death penatly state! I think he'll get it for this!

I have a certain idea of what should be done to people like this, who harm innocent children, and it involves pvc piping being rammed up their *****, then barbed wire being put in, then the pipe and wire taken out, in that order. Sorry for being so graphic, but it REALLY disgusts me to hear stories like this, it angers me to no end that people will harm/kill children, they have so much innocence and so much to live for.