In a Huge Way

I went in for help, June 2008, for therapy... I needed help with my depression and Social Anxiety disorder. Well, my therapist knew how to help the depression. I have been depression-free since August 2008, whoo-hoo! But I didn't allow myself to officially announce it, until Fall 2008, because I was afraid of jinxing it! XD

But for the anxiety... it seems as the mental health profession hasn't caught up with treating it yet! It's so frustrating! My therapist doesn't have a clue how to help me. And many years before, I have been to many therapist, psychologists, and other doctors, trying to find some treatment for it. They only seem to be able to offer medication for it. And I've been on many meds that made my anxiety WORSE and gave me a few new pyshcosis along with it. :-/

So, I am highly disgusted! I think I will just live with my anxiety, for the rest of my life, until someone figures out how to treat it. Everything is still in an "experimental stage", it seems. And that's not helpful... I am really discouraged about the whole thing. =p

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Your not alone, I see my therapist once every three months and see a social worker once a month talk about great American health care.