Saddam Hussein.

He did some very bad things but people are so caught up in the wrong things he did they forget that he did other useful things too. By no means get me wrong he should of been punished and I am not going to say that I think he shouldn't of been executed but I will say that the hanging was a disgrace and an undignified way for a national leader to die.
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All dictators are national leaders... Being a national leader makes his execution more outrageous? Thats the impression you give (even if its not what you meant...).<br />
Saddam Hussein killed, according to some statistics:<br />
400000 iraqis in political repression;<br />
1000000 iraqis and iranians in iran-iraq war HE CAUSED;<br />
1000 kuwaitis;<br />
Raping people (people, not just women...) was common in his jails. Torture was very common in jails. How about the burning of oil wells in Kuwait which caused a ecological catastrophe?<br />
At least he had a public trial and wasnt tortured (like many people i saw in youtube...).<br />
Pathetic how a monster`s execution caused more protests and publicity than Darfur`s genocide...

They should have executed him in the same fashion that he executed some of his poor DEFENSELESS victims.

"disgrace and an undignified way for a national leader to die" National Leader??? I dont know if I would exactly sugar coat it over that much. He was a killer of his own people. And I'm not trying to be too critical of your ideas either... but I think being hung was a perfectly reasonable way for him to be executed. I don't think it was right that he was treated poorly before the execution by the gaurds... but I don't think that the nation was wrong in wanting him hung.

I'm not trying to be critical or mean here, but I would like to say something in response to your statement. Hitler actually did some good things too. Even for the medical field because he was MORE THAN WILLING to experiment on humans rather than rats. But other than his devoted followers, I don't think too many would say his hung carcas was a bad way for him to go. Granted, he did it himself because he knew being captured was prob. gonna be more grusom, and that prob. would have been right up the alley for the general public. Let's ask Sadam's victims-- his own people-- what they thought about the execution. Ask the RAPED, TORTURED, and families of destroyed little CHILDREN how they feel. I'm willing to bet at least one of these victims wish they could have his head on their wall for a trophy.