At Least With Rasmussen College For Now.

I had started Rasmussen College as of its Summer Quarter in 2009, in the program of BS in Accounting. In my first quarter, one of my classes was "Intro to Astronomy" which was worth all of 4 Credit Hours, each credit hour being worth about $500 each, meaning that I'm paying them, eventually, $2,000 for this course. What was the textbook for this course? "The Universe and Beyond" which is a coffee table entertainment book which costs about $10 and worth considerably less...

Their other courses weren't so hokey though, the Microeconomics and Intro to Marketing textbooks were actual textbooks. However their Macroeconomics textbook was a compilation of articles about economics which looked as though the "author" was pressed for time and instead did a google search, printed off the results, and slapped a cover on it. The accounting textbooks are fairly good, although they are lacking in the area of, say, defining terms properly, and instead rely upon heavy usage of examples and illustrations because either the author of the textbooks did not know how to express themselves in English very well or it was written by Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey while Dave was pulling his circuits.

For my first two quarters I maintained a GPA of 4.0, and it wasn't difficult since the accounting homework mainly requires just filling out the data properly in the Excel sheets and performing the computations and finding errors, which I think anyone can do if you just give them a brief explanation of terminology and so forth. The rest of the courses mainly require just the searching out of data on the All Important Google and using correct APA format for references and making certain that the opening sentences and concluding sentences are mere reiterations of the same darn concept because most of the instructors are too lazy to actually review your written work anyway. Oh, and in Astronomy, most of the papers and discussions were just "do you agree with this", "what is your opinion", and had no mathematics whatsoever, not even Newtonian physics!

So, with Rasmussen college at the least, I have become disillusioned with college "education".
iamnotaparakeet iamnotaparakeet
Jul 23, 2010