I Am So Disillusioned ...

I am so disillusioned by the human race in general!  I am constantly amazed and hurt and disgusted by the way people will pretend to be your friend and then totally trash you behind your back.  Small town gossips, may they rot in hell!
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I too am disillusioned by the human race in general! I'm soooo sick of the character assassination, back stabbing etc. I too want to be loved, to be appreciated , to be more secure in this life etc. etc. BUT I can't see tearing down everything and evey one around me to get it. The older I get the sadder this world gets. I just refuse to drop to that level, to sell my soul in order to be treated decently on this planet and for that I suffer.

thats it, its the people who smile and then stab you in the back! <br />
I value honesty in one's feelings, even if they are negative, just ****** BE HONEST ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL!!! Why is that so hard????

Those people are in the big cities too! I don't mind people saying nasty things about me because at this point - frankly - I just don't care what people think of me - as long as I'm all right with me. What I can't stand is the duplicity of people who smile in your face and tell you one thing and then trash you when you're not around. These parts we call those people "backstabbers." It's cowardly and gross and I have enough idealism left to always be disappointed when I encounter it.