And What a Wonderful Thing It ...

And what a wonderful thing it is - the illusion is dissolved, the myth is broken. There once was a philosopher of religion who prattled on and on about broken myths, all about how we could still have faith in the ethic if not the fables that the various world religions preach.  Ok, I'll buy that. But only to a point.  I often wish I had fewer insights, more illusions.  Then I'd be genuinely happy.  I can see right through the capitalist myth to the fatally corrupt economic system seeking hegemony over not only our pocketbooks but over our very souls.  I sold my soul for a good time in bed once, sold it again for a new car, and again for that credit card and then to those alien casinos littering the horizon.  Then I saw the starving, the shivering, the homeless and the indentured who labor over my tomatoes, then I heard too the screams of those dying under a corporate rain of terror called the 'war on something or other'.  Oh yeah, I am disillusioned and no amount of happy sorting for the recycle bin or riding my bike to work is going to fix it.
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1 Response Aug 17, 2007

Well said, even if it has been 5 years. ARe you still disillusioned?