you know what...I don't really care.

I could become organised and I do when it really count but it is a really effort and stress. For some it is a necessity, for some it's natural...but not for me.

I like surprises...I like the homeliness of my home...I like not having everything planned to the T.

I like the clutter of my desk, the mess of the fireplace, homely clutter of my kitchen...I'm not a minimalist!

My life is not a magazine, I don't pretend to be someone who I am not, my friends still come to visit me, plonk themselves down at the kitchen table and chat.

Isshe Isshe
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8 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Nope....I just can't find anything, period...lol

I think the group picture says it all, messy but happy to know it's YOUR MESS AND NOBODY ELSE's!!

True!!! Does that mean I get to use your computers???<br />
<br />
And file away all that stuff??<br />
<br />

No, the mess will be all yours...

Perhaps I'll tidy it myself.<br />
<br />
If I leave you like this...you can't mess it up again!

OK. If you take the gaffa tape off my fingers?

I didn't say that anyone else could be disorganised xRocks...just me!<br />
<br />

lol...<br />
<br />
do you also appreciate disorganisation in others?<br />
<br />
Like your sons and their bedroom, for example....<br />
<br />
ha ha ha